The District has established a limited open forum for nonschool use of District facilities in accordance with this policy.

The District shall provide equal access to youth groups designated in federal law, including the Boy Scouts, as it provides to other nonschool users of District facilities. [See Patriotic Societies in GKD(LEGAL)]

Scope of Use

The District shall permit nonschool use of designated District facilities for educational, recreational, civic, philanthropic, religious, or social activities when these activities do not conflict with school use or with this policy.

Approval shall not be granted for any purpose that would damage District property or to any group that has damaged District property and if the nonschool user has failed to appropriately compensate the District for any previous damages.

A nonschool user's failure to follow this policy and to exhibit conduct required in accordance with District policies and procedures shall result in the District denying future use of the District's facilities.

Note: See the following policies for other information regarding facilities use:

  • Use by employee professional organizations: DGA
  • Use of facilities for school-sponsored and school-related activities: FM
  • Use by noncurriculum-related student groups: FNAB
  • Use by District-affiliated school-support organizations: GE

Nonprofit Fundraising

The District shall permit nonprofit organizations to conduct fundraising events on District property when these activities do not conflict with school use or with this policy.

For-Profit Use

The District shall permit individuals and for-profit organizations to use its facilities for financial gain when these activities do not conflict with school use or with this policy.


Requests for nonschool use of District facilities shall be considered on a first-come, first-served basis.

Academic and extracurricular activities sponsored by the District shall always have priority when any use is scheduled. [See FM] The Superintendent or designee shall have authority to cancel a scheduled nonschool use if an unexpected conflict arises with a District activity.

Approval of Use

The Superintendent or designee is authorized to approve any nonschool use of any District facility.


Except for organized team or group activities or individuals providing lessons, no approval shall be required for nonschool-related recreational use of the District's unlocked, outdoor recreational facilities, such as the track, playgrounds, tennis courts, and the like, when the facilities are not in use by the District or for a scheduled nonschool purpose.

Nonschool-related use by an organized team or group or by an individual providing lessons shall require approval in accordance with this policy.

Emergency Use

In case of emergencies or disasters, the Superintendent or designee may authorize the use of District facilities by civil defense, health, or emergency service authorities.

Repeated Use

The District shall permit repeated use by any group or organization for nonschool purposes in three-month increments. The District shall conduct a review of the individual's, group's, or organization's use after each three-month period and reserves the right to terminate the use agreement and not renew nonschool use based on that review.

Use Agreement

Any organization or individual approved for a nonschool use of District facilities shall be required to complete an agreement, either written or online, indicating receipt and understanding of this policy and any applicable administrative regulations, and acknowledging that the District is not liable for any personal injury or damages to personal property related to the nonschool use.

Fees for Use

Nonschool users shall be charged a fee for the use of designated District facilities.

The Superintendent or designee shall establish and publish a schedule of fees based on the cost of the physical operation of the facilities, as well as any applicable personnel costs for supervision, custodial services, food services, security, and technology services.

Required Conduct

Persons or groups using District facilities shall:

  1. Conduct business in an orderly manner.
  2. Abide by all laws and policies, including but not limited to those prohibiting the use, sale, or possession of alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs, and firearms, and the use of tobacco products or e-cigarettes on school property. [See GKA]
  3. Make no alteration, temporary or permanent, to school property without prior written consent from the Superintendent or designee.
  4. Refrain from using the District's name or likeness, or any other campus or facility, in connection with any advertising associated with its use of school facilities. The name of the rented facility may be used solely for geographical mapping or for the purpose of identifying a meeting location. [See policy CY]

All groups using District facilities shall be responsible for the cost of repairing any damages incurred during use and shall be required to indemnify the District for the cost of any such repairs.

Dripping Springs ISD


LDU 2019.01

DATE ISSUED: 6/26/2019