Mission Statement

WISD is dedicated to excellence in education that fosters a culture of kindness and respect, creates lifelong learners, and empowers students to make a positive impact in their community.

We believe that:

Shared Vision

Empowering and inspiring all student to achieve their full potential.

District Goals

  1. Achieve excellence in education:
    1. Increase project-based, hands-on learning opportunities at all grade levels;
    2. Employ qualified staff who have demonstrated success in teaching and leadership;
    3. Provide professional development opportunities in all areas including academic, behavior management, and special populations; and
    4. Provide safe and healthy environments/buildings and facilities.
  2. Foster a culture of kindness and respect:
    1. Provide character training and engagement for students and staff that instill the importance of integrity, kindness, honesty, and respect;
    2. Promote active listening to create students and future citizens who can effectively engage and communicate in a diverse world;
    3. Communicate effectively between schools for student relationships;
    4. Provide guidance to improve digital citizenship and media literacy among students and staff; and
    5. Celebrate diversity and provide a welcoming environment for all students and staff.
  3. Create lifelong learners:
    1. Cultivate passion for learning and doing, such that every student can find the way forward to a happy life;
    2. Reward perseverance and hard work; and
    3. Provide diverse and relevant learning/course opportunities for all students at all grade levels that are challenging and meaningful.
  4. Make a positive community impact:
    1. Provide diverse extracurricular activities that are fun, student-centered, and engaging;
    2. Increase community partnerships to create opportunities for District collaborations;
    3. Teach the importance of responsibility and good citizenship; and
    4. Promote volunteerism through school and extracurricular activities.

Wimberley ISD


LDU 2018.01

DATE ISSUED: 5/31/2018