The District's physical facility needs shall be based on a long-range, ten-year plan, to be updated no later than June 1 of each odd-numbered year. This plan shall include projected time lines for the construction of new schools and support facilities as well as schedules for expanding, renovating, and/or remodeling existing District buildings. Facility plans will take into consideration the number of students to be served and anticipated or actual changes in instructional patterns and programs.

Plans for any new building, plant addition, or major construction project costing over $50,000 shall be sufficiently flexible to meet current and future educational programs and will take into account economical operation and maintenance, water and energy conservation, and protection of the environment.

The Superintendent shall inform the Board of any facilities requirement(s) during the annual budget preparation process and at any time circumstances demand or the Board desires such a report.

In developing long-range facilities plans, the following local demographic factors will be considered:

Birth rate;

New population changes;

Industrial growth;

New homes construction;

Land-use and land-use changes;

Nonresident enrollment;

Enrollment in nonpublic schools;

In-grade retention rates;

The drop-out rate; and

District boundary changes.

Forecasting techniques and models that incorporate the above data and that hold a statistically relevant promise of accuracy shall be used to make all planning projections.

Planning Specifications

Specifications for major new construction or renovation shall include:

Full and complete justification for the project;

Initial and maximum student populations to be served;

Description of the educational and functional requirements to be met;

Description of proposed grade organization(s);

Description of any special facilities designed for dual and/or multipurpose use;

Facilities for student assembly, recreation, and transportation to include gymnasiums, auditoriums, cafetoriums, playing fields, recreation areas, playgrounds, bus loading and unloading zones, parking areas, streets and access roads, and the like;

The basis on which the project budget is established; and

Any specific procedures and/or requirements relating to services, materials, features, and/or structure the Board may desire to adopt; for example, drop wall construction, solar heating, natural lighting, fiber optic network cabling, and the like.

Site Selection Criteria

In selecting all building sites for District physical facilities, the Board shall consider the following:

Location, insofar as possible, near existing and projected or planned residential areas;

Location, insofar as possible, to minimize students' exposure to health and safety hazards;

Location, insofar as possible, to facilitate student transportation to and from a campus without adversely impacting existing local traffic patterns or roadway access;

Availability of utilities;

City and county building codes;

Property values;

Topography, topology, and physical characteristics, including drainage, natural shade, ease of access and use, and the like; and

Environmental impact.

Other Considerations

All construction projects exceeding $1,000,000 shall include a five percent contingency for unexpected costs.

Funds may be placed in escrow to guarantee performance only with the proviso that Board approval, in writing, is required prior to the withdrawal of funds from any such escrow account.




DATE ISSUED: 2/15/1999