Vacation Days

Professional, paraprofessional, and auxiliary employees in positions normally requiring 12 months of service, and at least 226 duty days, shall earn vacation days. The number of vacation days available in a school year shall be those days remaining in the school year after an employee's holidays and scheduled duty days have been satisfied, in accordance with the instructional calendar. For example, if a school year's instructional calendar shows that a 230-day employee has 238 assigned duty days for that school year, then the employee would be entitled for up to eight vacation days that year; if 240 duty days were assigned to that 230-day employee for another school year, then ten vacation days would be available for that school year.

Employees who are assigned to work fewer than 226 days in a school year are not eligible for vacation days.

Scheduling of Vacation Days

Vacation days may be taken during the duty year and shall be taken at such times that will least interfere with the performance of the employee's duties and the staffing needs of the District. An employee shall be required to obtain advance approval from his or her supervisor before taking vacation days and must provide sufficient notice to allow the supervisor to consider the District's staffing needs before approval of vacation schedules.

Order of Use

Earned compensatory time shall be used before any available paid state and local leave. [See DEA and DEC] Unless an employee requests a different order, available paid state and local leave shall be used in the following order, as applicable:

Local leave.

State sick leave accumulated before the 1995–96 school year.

State personal leave.

Vacation days, if applicable.


Vacation days must be taken during the current duty year or prior to December 31 of the following duty year in which they are earned. Vacation days that are accumulated in the previous duty year shall be lost according to procedures established by the Superintendent if not taken within the specified time frame.

An eligible employee who retires, resigns, or is terminated shall be paid for any earned but unused vacation days, up to a maximum of ten days.

Grandfathered Employees

Eligible employees hired prior to the adoption of this policy shall suffer no loss of accrued vacation days earned before that date.



LDU 2014.02

DATE ISSUED: 8/13/2014