The chief duty of the Board shall be to represent the District's constituency and provide for the progress and welfare of the District. In addition to the legally required and/or allowed powers and duties, the Board shall:

Act as the official policymaking body of the District; upon recommendation of the College President, adopt policies that govern the District's organization and operation.

Act as a deliberating and reviewing body sitting in judgment upon recommendations that may come to it through its executive officers or its members.

Employ an independent auditor who shall be directly responsible to the Board, but shall work through the College President.

Approve the recommendations of the College President for capital outlay and approve the means of financing same.

Select the College President and hire personnel upon recommendation of the College President.

Pass upon architectural plans for buildings that have been authorized after approval by the College President.

Present needs of the District and give active support to them before the public and press.

Comply with all legal requirements placed upon it and the District by the state legislature, the coordinating board, and other legal authorities.

Trinity Valley Community College



DATE ISSUED: 7/16/1985