Note: For employee, student, and community use of college district technology resources, see CR.

Online Message Board

  1. The communication is in writing;
  2. The writing is posted to an online message board or similar internet application that is viewable and searchable by the public; and
  3. The communication is displayed in real time and displayed on the online message board or similar internet application for no less than 30 days after the communication is first posted.

Gov't Code 551.006(a)–(b)

Authorized Users

Retention of Communications

Restrictions on Use

Electronic Records Retention

  1. Extra identical copies of documents created only for convenience of reference or research by officers or employees of the local government.
  2. Notes, journals, diaries, and similar documents created by an officer or employee of the local government for personal convenience.
  3. Blank forms.
  4. Stocks of publications.
  5. Library and museum materials acquired solely for the purposes of reference or display.
  6. Copies of documents in any media furnished to members of the public to which they are entitled under Government Code Chapter 552 (Public Information Act) or other state law.

Local Gov't Code 201.003(8)

Public Information on a Privately-Owned Device

  1. Forward or transfer the public information to the governmental body or a governmental body server to be preserved as provided by Government Code 552.004(a); or
  2. Preserve the public information in its original form in a backup or archive and on the privately-owned device for the time described under Government Code 552.004(a).

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DATE ISSUED: 12/16/2019