To the extent permitted by law, the College President may delegate responsibilities to other employees of the College District but shall remain accountable to the Board for the performance of all duties, delegated or otherwise.


The College President shall be the chief executive officer of the College District; authority shall be delegated to the College President by the Board. The College President's authority and responsibilities shall include, but not be limited to, the following duties:

Serve as the chief interpreter of the College District's objectives and activities to the community. Conversely, the College President shall serve as spokesperson for the community to the College District personnel.

Attend all meetings of the Board, unless excused from attendance.

Act as the professional adviser to the Board in all matters pertaining to educational policies, business and fiscal policies, and all other policies for organization and operation of the College District.

Be governed by Board policies and regulations in the operation of the College District.

Ensure that all personnel employed by the College District are ultimately responsible to the College President and employ or discharge employees of the institution as provided by Board policy.

Have the authority to adjust the administrative organization and make any adjustments in personnel assignments, offices, titles, and duties as deemed necessary to meet the changing needs of the College District.

Report to the Board as deemed necessary, or upon request of the Board, on the College District's educational activities, fiscal affairs, and any other College District activities.

Call meetings of the faculty and other employees as deemed necessary.

Investigate the needs of facilities for the College District and make such recommendations to the Board in order to meet these needs, as well as approve all architectural plans and specifications for presentation to the Board.

Be responsible for preparation of an annual budget for the College District and submit the budget to the Board within the dates as prescribed by law.

Within the limits of the budget approved by the Board, have the power to approve requisitions for purchases and expenditures for the program of the College District or delegate this authority to another member of the administration as deemed advisable.

Have ultimate control of the College District's fundraising activities.

Represent the College District to its constituency, the general public, and in educational groups.

Maintain amity and unity of purpose among all members of the faculty and administration, noninstructional employees, the Board, the alumni, and the College District's constituency.

Make final approval of all campus activities and official trips involving students and other personnel, or delegate this function to another administrative officer as deemed advisable.

Submit all official matters to the Board when its action is required, serving as the only official voice for communication with the Board, and request the administration to present certain information when necessary.

When action is urgently required in an area not covered by Board policy, have the power to act and inform the Board promptly of such action, which shall be subject to review by the Board at its discretion.

Enter into, modify, or terminate various negotiations and agreements on behalf of the College District relating to financial, contractual, and community affairs, or delegate this authority to another member of the administration as deemed advisable.

Have ultimate responsibility for, and be authorized to exercise appropriate administrative and fiscal control over, the College District's intercollegiate athletic program.

Trinity Valley Community College



DATE ISSUED: 4/13/2018