Baccalaureate Degree Programs

Bachelor of Applied Arts and Science

Pilot Project

Positive Assessment of the Overall Financial Health of a District

Former Pilot Program Participants

Applied Science

Dental Hygiene


  1. Apply the same criteria and standards the Coordinating Board uses to approve baccalaureate degree programs at general academic teaching institutions and medical and dental units; and
  2. Consider the following factors:
    1. Whether those degree programs would unnecessarily duplicate the degree programs offered by other institutions of higher education; and
    2. The ability of the junior college to support the degree programs with student enrollment and the adequacy of the junior college's facilities, faculty, administration, libraries, and other resources.
  1. Workforce need for the degree program must be documented in the region served by the junior college;
  2. How the degree program would complement the other programs and course offerings of the junior college; and
  3. Documentation of program success for the underlying associate degree, such as licensure pass rates, employment placement rates, and completion rates.
  1. Has a taxable property valuation of not less than $6 billion based on the preceding year's calculations as determined by the county's appraisal district. This valuation shall include the valuation of the taxing district as well as any branch campus maintenance tax valuations; and
  2. Has received a positive assessment of the overall financial health, as defined in 19 Administrative Code 9.672, on the most recent Community College Financial Condition Report. If changes to financial reporting, mandated by external financial governing bodies as defined in Section 9.672 directing financial reporting processes, or other extraordinary factors have a short-term impact to the assessment of the financial health of the institution, the Coordinating Board may, at the commissioner's discretion:
    1. Use the most recent report not impacted by the mandated changes; or
    2. Calculate the financial health correcting for the mandated changes or extraordinary factors.

Nursing Degree

  1. Provide evidence to the Coordinating Board and the Texas Board of Nursing that the public junior college has secured adequate long-term clinical space and documentation from each clinical site provider indicating that the clinical site has not refused a similar request from a general academic teaching institution or medical and dental unit;
  2. Establish that the corresponding associate degree nursing program offered by the public junior college has been successful as indicated by job placement rates and licensing exam scores for the previous three years;
  3. Be a bachelor of science degree program that meets the standards and criteria the Texas Board of Nursing uses to approve pre-licensure degree programs at general academic teaching institutions and medical and dental units regardless of whether the program is a pre-licensure or post-licensure program; and
  4. Be accredited or seeking accreditation by a national nursing accrediting body recognized by the United States Department of Education.


  1. A long-term financial plan for receiving accreditation from the SACSCOC;
  2. A long-term plan for faculty recruitment that:
    1. Indicates recruitment strategies and the ability to pay the increased salaries of doctoral faculty; and
    2. Ensures the program would not draw faculty employed by a neighboring institution offering a similar program; and
  3. Detailed information on the manner of program and course delivery.
  1. Provide detailed information regarding existing course transfer and dual enrollment pathways, detailing the maximum number of students that can be served by the agreements, and
  2. Explain why existing facilities and resources cannot be expanded to meet workforce need, and
  3. Documentation that the established articulation agreements are at capacity, or
  4. The reasons why no articulation agreements have been established.



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DATE ISSUED: 4/13/2018