All faculty members will give valid examinations at appropriate times during the semester and at the end of the semester. Examinations will be valid only if proper security measures have been taken in the preparing, storing, and administering of tests. Instructors will give enough tests during the semester to have ample scores on which to base the final grade. Normally, the instructor will give three major tests and a final examination. The number of tests and examinations will be left to the discretion of the instructor as long as a sufficient number is given.

Instructors who have multiple sections of the same course will need to prepare multiple equivalent examinations. The same examination administered to two sections meeting within a short time of each other is obviously unfair to the first section. The second section reaps the great advantage of advance knowledge, and the first suffers the disadvantage of competing with the section that has been partially briefed.

Trinity Valley Community College



DATE ISSUED: 3/14/2013