Liaison for Students Who Are or Were in Foster Care

Identifying Qualified Students

Dissemination of Information

  1. The name of and contact information for the institution's liaison officer; and
  2. Information regarding support services and other resources available at the institution to the students.

Liaison Training

Support Services Liaison

Dissemination of Information

  1. Resources to access medical and behavioral health coverage and services and public benefit programs, including programs related to food security, affordable housing, and housing subsidies;
  2. Public benefit program case management assistance and counseling;
  3. Parenting and child-care resources;
  4. Employment assistance;
  5. Financial counseling and tax preparation assistance;
  6. Transportation assistance;
  7. Student academic success strategies; and
  8. Any other resources developed by the institution to assist the students.

Trinity Valley Community College



DATE ISSUED: 5/27/2020