Commercial Signs

General Definitions

Interstate or Primary System

State Highway Right-of-Way

Public Road

Rural Road

  1. That is located in an unincorporated area;
  2. That is not privately owned or controlled;
  3. That any part of which is open to the public for vehicular traffic; and
  4. That is under the jurisdiction of the state or a political subdivision.

Toll Road

Electronic Sign

A college district that wishes to erect an electronic sign shall comply with 43 Administrative Code Chapter 21, Subchapter I.

Directional Sign

Charitable Raffles


"Qualified Nonprofit Organization"

  1. Does not distribute any of its income to its members, officers, or governing body, other than as reasonable compensation for services;
  2. Has existed for the three preceding years;
  3. Does not devote a substantial part of its activities to attempting to influence legislation and does not participate or intervene in any political campaign on behalf of any candidate for public office in any manner, including by publishing or distributing statements or making campaign contributions;
  4. Qualifies for and has obtained an exemption from federal income tax from the Internal Revenue Service under Section 501(c), Internal Revenue Code of 1986; and
  5. Does not have or recognize any local chapter, affiliate, unit, or subsidiary organization in this state.

"Qualified Organization"


Trinity Valley Community College



DATE ISSUED: 12/3/2018