Mission Statement

The mission of Edcouch-Elsa ISD is to produce responsible graduates who can complete confidently in a dynamic global society by providing an individualized, nurturing educational foundation that draws strength from our community's spiritual roots and rich cultural heritage as we face the challenge of the new millennium.


The District views itself as the vehicle through which each student can embark to success. In this role, we, the Board and the professional and ancillary personnel, commit ourselves to providing an environment that promotes, fosters, and ensures the personal dignity of each student and encourages all students to develop physical, emotional, and mental abilities to their fullest potential.

To fulfill this endeavor, we recognize the incompatibilities and inequities that exist in the District and consequently dedicate ourselves to the specific philosophies set out in this policy. In order to realize the desired outcome, we hereby make a commitment to fiscal and organizational efficiency and accountability.


We recognize that extreme degrees of poverty exist within the District that must, by means of the educational program design, be considered in the implementation of a comprehensive student development program.


We recognize that culture is the totality of group learned behavior and we value diversity of human behavior. The schools will reflect the community's bilingual-bicultural society in the District's environment.


We recognize the need for bilingual education in the schools to effectively increase each student's cognitive development, specifically the need to begin instruction in the language native to the student, and to help the student develop efficiently in the other dominant language of the bilingual community.


We recognize that migrant patterns affect the learning process; consequently, the District must provide continuity through flexibility in programming.


We recognize that societal perceptions based on cultural and socio-economic differences affect a student's education and the probability of the student's success. The schools will make every effort to contribute to:

The development of a positive self-concept in every student.

The development in all persons within the school community the ability to value diversity.

The development of positive self-concepts of all individuals in the student's environment.

Scope and Sequence

We recognize that the scope and sequence of the prescribed curriculum must be so designed as to allow each student entry into and flexibility within the curriculum.

Policies and Governances

We recognize that policies and governances shall be established centrally and on individual campuses in such a manner that:

They are reflective of the needs and desires of the majority of the community and respect the rights of all.

They will be conveyed to the community through effective bilingual dissemination channels.

They will establish clear channels of communication, and responsibility within the District's organization.

They will be minimal.


We recognize the responsibility of the District to:

Provide for continuous local development of new educational programs and curriculum materials consistent with the goals of this statement of philosophy and the District and campus improvement plans.

Provide continuous coordinated staff training programs in methodologies essential to the implementation of these goals.

Student Appraisal

We recognize that a comprehensive student appraisal system, based on specific objectives, must measure:

Instructional and noninstructional needs.

Success in meeting instructional needs consistent with the student's way of learning.

Success in meeting noninstructional needs.

Special Education

We recognize the need for a comprehensive and flexible education program designed to meet the needs of each exceptional student with safeguards to ensure the appropriate placement of students.


We recognize that cocurricular activities are essential in the educational development of each student and that continuous review must be provided to ensure that each student has equal access to all activities.

Planning and Evaluation

We recognize that appropriate development and implementation of comprehensive programs for students require a central planning effort relating all organizational components of the District and that evaluation is an integral part of this process. [See BQ series]

Staff Development

We recognize that staff development for all levels and categories of personnel is the responsibility of the District in order to provide high quality services for students, accessibility to the curriculum for all, and responsiveness to change.

Non- Instructional Needs

We recognize the need for close coordination in the working relationships between instructional and noninstructional personnel in order to provide a comprehensive support program for student development.

Parent- Community Involvement

We recognize the need for active involvement of parents as supportive members of the educational team in each school, as well as the need for community support and involvement in an area and/or system-wide manner.

Public Relations

We recognize the need for direct and open bilingual communication of intent and purpose with the community through all available media.

Goals and Priorities

We recognize the importance of setting realistic goals and priorities that are reflective of the philosophy of the District. [See AF and BQ series]

Edcouch-Elsa ISD



DATE ISSUED: 3/27/2000