As a member of the Board, I shall promote the best interests of the District as a whole and, to that end, shall adhere to the following ethical standards:

E QuityIn Attitude

I will be fair, just, and impartial in all my decisions and actions.

I will accord others the respect I wish for myself.

I will encourage expressions of different opinions and listen with an open mind to others' ideas.


Rustworthiness in Stewardship

I will be accountable to the public by representing District policies, programs, priorities, and progress accurately.

I will be responsive to the community by seeking its involvement in District affairs and by communicating its priorities and concerns.

I will work to ensure prudent and accountable use of District resources.

I will make no personal promise or take private action that may compromise my performance or my responsibilities.


OnorIn Conduct

I will tell the truth.

I will share my views while working for consensus.

I will respect the majority decision as the decision of the Board.

I will base my decisions on fact rather than supposition, opinion, or public favor.


NtegrityOf Character

I will refuse to surrender judgment to any individual or group at the expense of the District as a whole.

I will consistently uphold all applicable laws, rules, policies, and governance procedures.

I will not disclose information that is confidential by law or that will needlessly harm the District if disclosed.


OmmitmentTo Service

I will focus my attention on fulfilling the Board's responsibilities of goal setting, policymaking, and evaluation.

I will diligently prepare for and attend Board meetings.

I will avoid personal involvement in activities the Board has delegated to the Superintendent.

I will seek continuing education that will enhance my ability to fulfill my duties effectively.


Tudent-Centered Focus

I will be continuously guided by what is best for all students of the District.

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Citizens, including Board members, have a right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures.

Voluntary Drug Testing Policy

The Board, in order to set an example to all students and employees, and in order to promote accountability to the community, has adopted a voluntary drug testing policy as follows:

All Board members shall submit to an initial drug test upon assuming a seat on the Board. The cost for the test shall be paid by the District and the results of the test shall be made public.

Any Board member who tests positive for controlled substances shall be subject to official Board censure and any other discipline permitted by law.

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DATE ISSUED: 4/25/2005