A student shall be assigned to a school in the feeder pattern that serves the attendance zone in which he or she resides.

Students Who Engage in Bullying

The Board or the Board's designee may transfer a student who has engaged in bullying in accordance with FDB(LEGAL) and FFI.

Class Changes

The campus principal shall be authorized to investigate and approve the transfer of a student from one classroom to another on that campus.

Transfers Between Schools

The Superintendent shall be authorized to investigate and approve or deny transfers between schools, provided that such action is without regard to race, religion, color, sex, disability, national origin, or ancestral language.

Transfer Requests

A resident student wishing to transfer to another school within the District shall file an application for transfer with the Superintendent or designee.


Approval or denial of a request for an intradistrict transfer shall be based on consideration of the student's disciplinary history and attendance records, as well as:

Building capacity;

Enrollment levels at each campus, in each grade level, and in each program;

Growth projections;

Teacher allocations;

Allocations of other professional staff; and

Other criteria applicable to individual campuses.

Renewal of Transfer

Once the District has approved a student's transfer request, the approval shall automatically renew each year. The student shall be allowed to continue enrollment at the receiving school until he or she has completed the highest grade level offered at that school, except as provided at REVOCATION OF TRANSFER, below.

Change of Residence Within the District

A student who moves from one attendance zone to another within the District during a school year shall be granted, upon request, an intradistrict transfer to complete that school year at the same school before being reassigned to the school serving the attendance zone of the new residence. However, the student and parent shall be required to complete a written intradistrict transfer agreement, and the REVOCATION OF TRANSFER provisions of this policy shall apply.

Changes in Attendance Zones

When the Board approves changes to District attendance zone boundaries, students shall attend the schools specified. Exceptions shall be granted as follows:

A student attending a high school at the time of zone boundary changes shall be granted, upon request, an intradistrict transfer to continue enrollment at that high school until graduation.

If the school year is in progress at the time of the zone boundary changes, an elementary or middle school student shall be granted, upon request, an intradistrict transfer to complete the current year at that same school.

Revocation of Transfer

An intradistrict transfer student shall be notified in the written intradistrict transfer agreement that he or she must follow all rules and regulations of the District, including those for student conduct and attendance, and that violation of the District's rules and regulations may result in revocation of the intradistrict transfer agreement. The effective date of the revocation will be set in accordance with the written transfer agreement.

Note: For the transfer of a student who is the victim of bullying or who engaged in bullying, see FDB(LEGAL). For the transfer of a student who attends a persistently dangerous school, becomes a victim of a violent criminal offense, or becomes a victim of sexual assault, see FDE.

McAllen ISD


LDU 2012.08

DATE ISSUED: 10/9/2012