Eligible Positions

After any applicable probationary contract period required by the District, term contracts governed by Chapter 21 of the Education Code (educator term contracts) shall be provided to any employees in positions required by statute to receive such contracts, including:

  1. Classroom teachers, i.e., those educators who teach in an academic instructional setting or a career and technology instructional setting not less than an average of four hours each day;
  2. Principals, i.e., those educators assigned to be the instructional leader of a campus, including assistant principals;
  3. Librarians, i.e., those educators assigned as full-time librarians to one or more campuses;
  4. School counselors, i.e., those educators assigned as full-time school counselors to one or more campuses;
  5. Nurses, i.e., those registered nurses assigned as full-time nurses to one or more campuses; and
  6. Employees designated as eligible to receive a term contract under DCA(LOCAL) and as described at Transitions, below.


Term contract employees who are assigned or employed in categories or positions other than those listed in items 1–5 above on the effective date of this policy and who are otherwise recommended to continue in District employment shall continue to be eligible to receive a term contract.

All Chapter 21 term contracts shall remain subject to nonrenewal in accordance with the requirements of DFBB.

Employment Agreement

At an employee's option, he or she may timely resign from a term contract and accept employment under an employment agreement, as provided in DCE(LOCAL).

Mission CISD


LDU 2020.01

DATE ISSUED: 2/21/2020