Suspension with Pay

A term contract employee may be suspended with pay and placed on administrative leave by the Superintendent during an investigation of alleged misconduct by the employee or at any time the Superintendent determines that the District's best interest will be served by the suspension.

Good Cause for Termination

Pursuant to its authority under Education Code 21.211(a), the Board establishes the following as some examples of good cause for termination of a term contract:

An employee's failure to perform duties within the scope of employment that a person of ordinary prudence would have done under the same or similar circumstances.

Any employee conduct that is inconsistent with the continued existence of the employer-employee relationship, including, without limitation:

Any sexual misconduct with a student.

Any conduct that endangers or has the potential to endanger the health or safety of one or more students.

Program change requiring reduction in personnel.

Failure to comply with written or oral directives or Board policy.

Failure to report the employee's arrest, deferred adjudication, or conviction for any felony or for any level of offense involving moral turpitude.

Failure to meet any conditions precedent established in the contract, such as a valid certificate or license for the assigned position.

Any other conduct or reason recognized as good cause for termination for a contract by the laws or the courts of the state of Texas.

Mission CISD



DATE ISSUED: 2/12/2017