Every PSJA student is prepared to participate, compete, and excel in a global society to foster multi-generational prosperity.


As educational leaders, the PSJA team is engaged and empowered to connect all students with innovative instruction, outstanding facilities, technology, skills, and social-emotional support while prioritizing health and safety for all—from early childhood through their chosen career.

As one PSJA family, we build on our legacy of academic excellence, renowned college- and career-readiness, biliteracy and extracurricular programs, and our multicultural heritage to ensure every student has the experiences and resources necessary to achieve the highest levels of success.

Strategic Covenants

The Board also guides the Superintendent with the following strategic covenants:

Dual language

The District is committed to ensuring all students develop mastery of the English and Spanish languages using proven dual language methods. For those students who enter our system not fluent in English, the District shall ensure bilingual teachers are available to provide one-way or two-way dual language instruction so students can improve in other subject areas while still learning English. The Board believes that students who develop fluency in multiple languages are better prepared for success, and the District offers one-way and two-way dual language instruction throughout the District to promote student fluency in multiple languages.


The District shall offer equitable access to an effective, sequential dual language curriculum, preschool through grade 12, that is aligned with the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS), and that meets the socio-emotional needs of students. The Superintendent shall refer to evidence-based research to strengthen the 50/50 One-Way and 50/50 Two-Way models that close the achievement gap for English Learners.

Seal of Biliteracy

The Board of Trustees also recognizes the value of alignment to the District and state seal of biliteracy, encourages excellence as a goal for all students, and wishes to publicly recognize students for exemplary achievements. The District shall present the seals of biliteracy to each graduating high school student who has attained the required high school dual language credits.

Parental Engagement

Parents/guardians are essential partners in the District. The Superintendent shall involve them in establishing an advisory structure, along with District and school personnel, to provide input on program implementation.


The Superintendent shall ensure that teachers and paraprofessionals implementing a dual language program hold the required credentials and certifications as required by the state.

Professional Development

The Superintendent shall provide professional development and collaboration time as necessary to ensure that administrators, teachers, and paraprofessionals have the knowledge and skills they need to implement an effective dual language program.

Pharr-San Juan-Alamo ISD


LDU 2020.05

DATE ISSUED: 12/16/2020