Language Proficiency Assessment Committees

The professional staff members of the Language Proficiency Assessment Committees (LPAC(s)) shall be assigned those duties by the Superintendent. Selection of parent members of LPAC(s) shall be made after soliciting volunteers and upon the recommendation of professionals involved in the bilingual/ESL programs.


The District shall provide orientation and training for all members of the LPAC(s), which shall include a discussion of the committee's duties and a thorough explanation and review of all laws and rules governing the confidentiality of information regarding individual students. In performing their duties, committee members shall be acting for the District and shall observe requirements regarding confidentiality of student records. [See FL]

Dual Language Immersion Program

The District shall implement for students enrolled in prekindergarten–grade 12 a dual language program (DLP) to develop students who achieve high academic standards and are bilingual, biliterate, and bicultural.


In accordance with law, access to the program shall not be based on race, creed, color, religious affiliation, age, or disability. [See EHBE(LEGAL)]

All District campuses shall offer DLP classes and courses when applicable.

The District shall use a Texas Education Agency (TEA)-approved language proficiency test for all students in the program, including both language groups, to establish baseline data in academic language.

A student whose native language is English shall not be allowed to enter the program after kindergarten unless the student scores at grade-level equivalency on a standardized Spanish language arts achievement test.


The Board and administration shall support the DLP by hiring and retaining quality staff, funding appropriate professional development, and providing program facilities and instructional resources.

Equitable Access

The District is committed to providing equitable access to services for English learners.

Expectations for Participants

The District shall expect each student enrolled in the DLP to:

  1. Commit to the program throughout the student's enrollment; and
  2. Maintain a high record of attendance.

The District shall expect each parent of a student enrolled in the DLP to:

  1. Support the continued development of the native language at home;
  2. Support his or her child's academic, linguistic, and socio-cultural development;
  3. Attend dual language parent meetings; and
  4. Advocate for and support the dual language program.

Pharr-San Juan-Alamo ISD


LDU 2020.05

DATE ISSUED: 12/16/2020