Commencement Exercises

A student who has satisfactorily completed all coursework requirements for graduation but has failed to meet applicable state testing requirements shall be allowed to participate in commencement activities and ceremonies [See EI, EIF] and shall receive a certificate of attendance.


In order to participate in commencement activities and ceremonies and to receive a certificate of attendance, a student shall:

Sign a graduation contract committing to comply with all intervention and tutorial activities planned for each state-mandated assessment, as applicable.

Attend and actively participate in the District's scheduled intervention and tutorial activities for each state-mandated assessment, as applicable, to be verified in writing by the instructor.

Completion of the required hours of intervention and tutorial activities shall be verified and documented by the instructor and principal.

Midterm Students

A student who has completed all coursework requirements and who has met the applicable state testing requirements by the end of the fall semester shall be permitted to participate in spring commencement activities and ceremonies.

Distribution of Diplomas at Commencement Exercises

Board members shall have the exclusive privilege of awarding diplomas at commencement exercises. In the absence of any Board members, the Superintendent shall award diplomas.

La Villa ISD



DATE ISSUED: 5/12/2011