Performance Standards

In order to meet individual and organizational needs, it is the policy of the College District to conduct formal appraisals for each employee. Performance appraisals assist with the measurement of past performance over a given time period and provide feedback to improve employee job performance.

Evaluation Frequency

Performance appraisals are to be completed for all full-time employees, ongoing and budgeted part-time employees, and adjunct faculty at periodic intervals and shall be in accordance with the guidelines and schedules as established by the College President. The performance appraisal shall be conducted by the immediate supervisor and reviewed by the second line supervisor, as requested, prior to the appraisal meeting with the employee.

Performance Evaluation Responsibilities

The evaluation shall be conducted by the immediate supervisor. The evaluation discussion shall focus on the employee's success in meeting the goals set for the evaluation period and setting goals for the next rating period.

Goal setting and developing performance objectives are an important part of the performance evaluation procedure. Careful consideration should be given when the employee's goals and objectives are developed.

Faculty Evaluation

Faculty member evaluation shall be based on a review of the performance effectiveness of each faculty member as it relates to the responsibilities and priorities contained in the faculty member's job description and the individual's goals. Since instruction is the primary responsibility of faculty, the performance appraisal shall focus on the entire teaching and learning process, curriculum development, and continuing professional development. Other areas of evaluation include student evaluation data, institutional service, and community service.

The specific purposes of the evaluation process are to:

Gather information to be used by each faculty member for his or her professional development;

Improve communication between faculty and supervisors in the area of instructional performance;

Provide guidance and assistance to faculty members whose performance needs improvement according to the job description criteria; and

Collect information to be used in employment/contract status decisions.

Professional Staff Assessment

An employee with administrative responsibilities shall participate with his or her supervisor in a performance and self-appraisal plan each year. The basis of the appraisal shall be self-evaluative in nature. The supervisor's responsibility shall be to critique and react to the performance ratings submitted by the employee.

Employee Appeal

An employee may seek administrative review if he or she feels that the evaluation was performed in a manner that violates this policy.

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LDU 2015.01

DATE ISSUED: 5/8/2015