Personnel Duties

The Superintendent shall define the qualifications, duties, and responsibilities of all positions and shall ensure that job descriptions are current and accessible to employees and supervisors.

Posting Vacancies

The Superintendent or designee shall establish guidelines for advertising employment opportunities and posting notices of vacancies. These guidelines shall advance the Board's commitment to equal opportunity employment and to recruiting well-qualified candidates. Current District employees may apply for any vacancy for which they have appropriate qualifications.


All applicants shall complete the application form supplied by the District. Information on applications shall be confirmed before a contract is offered for a contractual position and before hiring or as soon as possible thereafter for a noncontractual position.

[For information related to the evaluation of criminal history records, see DBAA.]

Employment of Contractual Personnel

The Superintendent has sole authority to make recommendations to the Board regarding the selection of contractual personnel.

The Board retains final authority for employment of contractual personnel. During the months of June, July, and August, the Board delegates to the Superintendent the authority to hire contractual personnel. All nonprobationary contracts shall be extended by the Board for a two-year period with the first cycle beginning in 2008–10. [See DCA, DCB, DCC, and DCE as appropriate]

Employment of Noncontractual Personnel

The Board delegates to the Superintendent final authority to employ and dismiss noncontractual employees on an at-will basis. [See DCD]

Hiring Recommendations

District employees whose job duties include recommendations for hiring shall not recommend for hire persons related to them within the first degree by blood or marriage. [See DK]

Employment Assistance Prohibited

No District employee shall assist another employee of the District or of any school district in obtaining a new job if the employee knows, or has probable cause to believe, that the other employee engaged in sexual misconduct regarding a minor or student in violation of the law. Routine transmission of an administrative or personnel file does not violate this prohibition. [See CJ for prohibitions relating to contractors and agents and DH(EXHIBIT) for the Educators' Code of Ethics.]

Recruiting and Retention of Professional Staff

The Board shall assign to the personnel office the responsibility to oversee, manage, and monitor a personnel recruitment program. The District shall produce demonstrable results toward the recruitment, retention, and certification of qualified and competent Black and Hispanic teachers and administrators. To achieve this goal, the District shall maintain an aggressive recruitment program. In addition to recruitment, specialized staff development shall be provided to prepare and equip teachers and administrators to respond to the unique needs of the District's student population.

Affirmative Action Program

The District is committed to:

Providing equal employment opportunities for all persons;

Prohibiting discrimination based on race, creed, color, national origin, sex, age, or disability; and

Promoting full realization of equal employment opportunity by continuing affirmative action efforts in every department, program, division, and school building in the District.


The major goals of the affirmative action program are to:

Balance the staff's ethnic group and male/female representation by employing, assigning, promoting, and retaining minority employees so that every level of operation in the District will have an ethnic configuration, both male and female, that reflects the multiracial characteristics and gender ratios of the District population;

Encourage management development and skill-building to ensure that minorities, women, and persons with disabilities are prepared for positions of new and increased responsibility;

Foster a climate at every level of the District in which men and women of all races, creeds, experience levels, ages, and physical capabilities appreciate and accept each other; and

Develop a process for reporting progress toward achievement of the goals and objectives of the affirmative action program and use this data to improve the program.

Additional information regarding the District's adopted affirmative action program may be obtained in the personnel office or the office of the Superintendent.


The following definitions shall apply effective March 1, 2009:


Termination is a complete severance of the employment relationship between employer and employee.


For contract and noncontract employees, demotion is a voluntary and involuntary assignment to a lower pay grade. Reassignments resulting in changes of title within a classification are intentionally not a part of this definition.

Pay Reduction for Demotion of a Contract Employee

When a pay reduction is made for a voluntary demotion of a contract employee, the employee's base pay rate shall be reduced to the relative position within the lower pay range at the end of the employee's current work year in which the demotion occurred.

When a pay reduction is made for an involuntary demotion of a contract employee, the employee's base pay rate shall be reduced to the relative position within the lower pay range at the end of the employee's contract in which the demotion occurred.

Pay Reduction for Demotion of a Noncontract Employee

When a pay reduction is made for a voluntary or involuntary demotion of a noncontract employee, the employee's base pay rate shall be reduced to the relative position within the new pay range at the end of the employee's work year in which the demotion occurred.

Appeal Process

Employees may appeal a demotion to the Superintendent. The Superintendent shall appropriately address all extenuating circumstances related to demotions.

Port Arthur ISD


LDU 2018.01

DATE ISSUED: 4/5/2018