Eye and Face Protection

Required Devices

Recommended Guidelines


The use of hazardous chemicals;

The use of hot liquids or solids;

The use of molten materials;

Performing grinding, chipping, or other hazardous activities where there is danger of flying particles;

Milling, sawing, turning, shaping, cutting, or stamping of any solid materials;

Heat treatment, tempering, or kiln firing of any metal or other materials;

Cutting, welding, or brazing operations;

The use of hazardous radiation, including the use of infrared and ultraviolet light or lasers;

Repair or servicing of any vehicle; or

Any process or activity in a vocational, art, industrial arts or science course or laboratory that might have a tendency to cause damage to the eyes.

25 TAC 295.141–.142

Cleburne ISD



DATE ISSUED: 11/21/2014