The following guidelines shall be used in the naming of school buildings or other facilities in the District:

  1. Facilities may be named for persons who have served the District or community, especially in service to children.
  2. Facilities may be named for any local, state, or national heroic figure.
  3. A nominee shall have made a significant contribution to society and/or education, and his or her name shall lend prestige and status to an institution of learning.
  4. Facilities may be named for local residential or geographic areas or state or national landmarks.


In situations deemed appropriate, the Board may rename school facilities or portions thereof. In such situations, the Board shall apply the criteria for naming new facilities. Name changes shall only occur during the summer before the beginning of a school year except in unusual circumstances.

Programmatic Renaming

A facility or portion of a facility may be renamed based on a programmatic change if the new name would not affect the namesake of the facility or portion of the facility. The name change would only require the recommendation of the Superintendent.

Named for a Major Donor

The Board should consider naming a facility or portion of a facility in honor of a major donor. Specific District guidelines shall be developed for corporate or individual sponsorships of schools. The guidelines shall specify required level of monetary or in-kind donations, as well as appropriateness of the sponsor.

An existing identifiable facility shall not be fragmented by renaming portions of that facility except in the case of a naming rights contract to benefit the District.

[See GKB(LOCAL), Corporate Sponsorships]


Nominations shall be sent to the Superintendent. The supporting data shall include a succinct description of the nominee's contributions, why they are important, and any pertinent history that should be considered. The Board requests that no more than five pages of supporting documentation be included. Petitions shall not be considered.

Recommendation Process

Initiation of the facilities naming process requires formal action of the Board. [See BDB(LOCAL)]

The Board may request that the Superintendent solicit recommendations of names from staff, students, and the community when, in the opinion of the Board, this process is advisable.

Such a process for soliciting recommendations of names shall be composed of the following representatives:

  1. Three representatives shall be appointed by the Board.
  2. Two representatives shall be appointed by the Superintendent.

Board Decision

The responsibility for the final decision in naming facilities rests with the Board. At a regularly scheduled meeting, the Board shall officially select a name from the list of recommendations submitted by the representatives appointed by the Board and Superintendent.

Forney ISD


LDU 2020.01

DATE ISSUED: 1/17/2020