Note: If the district is subject to a court order or other binding legal determination, the district shall conduct its elections in accordance with that court order or determination, applicable law, and this policy. To the extent of any conflict, the court order or other legal determination shall prevail. [See BBB(LOCAL)]

Tie Votes

Second Election

Other Options

Casting Lots


Automatic Recount

Runoff Election

Ballot Order


Effect of Petition

Canvass Returns

General Rule

  1. The third day after election day;
  2. The date on which the early voting ballot board has verified and counted all provisional ballots, if a provisional ballot has been cast in the election; or
  3. The date on which all timely received ballots cast from addresses outside of the United States are counted, if a ballot to be voted by mail in the election was provided to a person outside of the United States.

November Election—Even-Numbered Years

Quorum for Canvass


Internet Posting of Election Results

  1. The results of each election;
  2. The total number of votes cast;
  3. The total number of votes cast for each candidate or for or against each measure;
  4. The total number of votes cast by personal appearance on election day;
  5. The total number of votes cast by personal appearance or mail during the early voting period; and
  6. The total number of counted and uncounted provisional ballots cast.
  1. Posted as soon as practicable after the election; and
  2. Accessible without having to make more than two selections or view more than two network locations after accessing the internet website home page of the district.

Qualifying for Office

Certificate of Election

  1. The candidate's name;
  2. The office to which the candidate is elected;
  3. A statement of election to an unexpired term, if applicable;
  4. The date of the election;
  5. The signature of the officer preparing the certificate; and
  6. Any seal used by the officer preparing the certificate to authenticate documents that the officer executes or certifies.

Certificate for Unopposed Candidate

Officer's Statement

Oath of Office

  1. A judge, retired judge, or clerk of a municipal court.
  2. A judge, retired judge, senior judge, clerk, or commissioner of a court of record.
  3. A justice of the peace or clerk of a justice court.
  4. A notary public.

Election Records

Destruction of Records

Center Point ISD



DATE ISSUED: 10/21/2021