Available School Fund

Foundation School Program

  1. Adequate resources to provide each eligible student a basic instructional program and facilities suitable to the student's educational needs; and
  2. Access to a substantially equalized program of financing in excess of basic costs for certain services, as provided by that chapter.
  1. Two tiers that in combination provide for:
    1. Sufficient financing for all school districts to provide a basic program of education that is rated acceptable or higher under Education Code 39.054 and meets other applicable legal standards; and
    2. Substantially equal access to funds to provide an enriched program; and
  2. A facilities component as provided by Education Code Chapter 46. [See CCA]
  1. The sum of the tier one allotments and other funding as follows:
    1. The basic allotment under Education Code Chapter 48, Subchapter B;
    2. The student-based allotments under Education Code Chapter 48, Subchapter C; and
    3. The additional funding under Education Code Chapter 48, Subchapter D (including the transportation allotment [see CNA] and the new instructional facility allotment below); and
  2. The tier two allotment under Education Code Chapter 48, Subchapter E.
  1. State available school funds distributed in accordance with the law;
  2. Ad valorem tax revenue generated by local school district effort [see CCG series]; and
  3. State funds appropriated for the purposes of public school education and allocated to each district in an amount sufficient to finance the cost of each district's Foundation School Program not covered by other funds specified.


New Instructional Facility Allotment (NIFA)


  1. A newly constructed instructional facility;
  2. A repurposed instructional facility; or
  3. A leased facility operating for the first time as an instructional facility with a minimum lease term of not less than ten years.

Center Point ISD



DATE ISSUED: 10/21/2021