Energy Conservation

The Trustees believe that every effort should be made to conserve energy and natural resources. A commitment to conserve energy will benefit our students and taxpayers through prudent financial management and the saving of energy.

The Board directs the Superintendent and/or designee to develop short and long range plans to bring about energy conservation in the areas of facilities management and transportation as well as to develop a curriculum that deals with energy awareness and conservation.


Fulfillment of this policy is the joint responsibility of the Trustees, administrators, teachers, students, and support personnel. Cooperation is essential at all levels for the success of this policy.

Records and Audits

The District shall maintain accurate records of energy consumption and cost of energy on a monthly basis. An energy audit shall be conducted annually at each campus and recommendations shall be made for updating the energy management conservation program. Information shall be furnished to the media on goals and progress of the energy conservation program.

Special Emphasis

Specific areas of emphasis include:

Each student and employee shall be expected to contribute to energy efficiency in the District. Each person shall be expected to be an "energy saver" as well as an "energy consumer."

All unnecessary lighting in unoccupied areas shall be turned off. All lights shall be turned off when students and teachers leave school. Custodians shall turn on lights only in areas in which they are working.

Energy management shall be the responsibility of each principal; this responsibility shall be reviewed during annual evaluations.

Air conditioning shall be used in the summertime only in office areas and schools conducting summer school classes.

The head custodian at each school shall be responsible for a complete and total shutdown of the facility when closed each evening.

Guidelines shall be established for operational hours, thermostat settings, lighting use, water use, and other management practices. Regular inspections shall be conducted to determine compliance with guidelines.

Kingsville ISD



DATE ISSUED: 4/15/1991