Booster Organizations

The District encourages and supports appropriate parent organizations, including, but not limited to, the Parent Teacher Association (PTA), Parent Teacher Organization (PTO), and booster organizations.

Parent and booster organizations shall organize and function in a way that is consistent with the District's philosophy and objectives, within adopted Board policies, and in accordance with applicable UIL guidelines and financial and audit regulations.

Parent and booster organizations shall not represent the District or bind the District or any of its employees to a third party with whom the organization conducts business. Additionally, such an organi- zation shall not hold itself out as acting on the District's behalf or that it has any authority to do so.

Parent and booster organizations shall be established as separate legal entities, distinct from the District. Appropriate insurance cov-erage and exposure to liability, financial obligations, taxes, debts, and other encumbrances of these organizations shall not be the responsibility of the District and shall remain the sole obligation of each organization.

Information Required

Each District parent/booster organization shall furnish the Superintendent with the following information annually, and update the information whenever there is a change:

By-laws and operational guidelines of the parent/booster organization.

A current list of officers.

Financial goals, including anticipated income and expenses. All fundraising projects shall be submitted to the school principal by October 1 for approval.

An annual report of all activities including an audit of all funds. This report shall be filed with the Superintendent annually by September 1. The annual report, including check numbers, dates, payee, and amounts, shall address an audit period covering July through June, with the audit to be completed by August 31. An audit shall have been completed prior to acceptance of financial data by new officers. The Board may order an audit of all funds at any time the Board determines that there is cause for the records of an organization to be reviewed.

Specific Guidelines

Parent/booster organizations shall function under the following guidelines:

The Superintendent or principal shall have veto power over any official action of a parent/booster organization.

Parent/booster organizations shall have no authority to direct any school employee in any of his or her duties and shall have no authority to guide, direct, or establish guidelines for any school or student activity.

All meetings of parent/booster organizations shall be open to the public.

All District residents shall be eligible for membership. Election of officers shall be conducted through a systematic process that allows any eligible person to be nominated. Elected booster club officials shall be elected yearly and may serve no longer than two years.

If any parent/booster organization approved by the Board disbands, ceases to operate, chooses to withdraw from association with the District, or fails to be reapproved by the Board, all funds and property of the organization shall become property of the District.

Parent/booster organizations shall abide by the District administrative regulations and UIL guidelines. A parent/booster organization may suggest or recommend how a school or the District will spend a monetary donation from the parent/booster organization, but the organization cannot require the Superintendent or principal to spend the money for the recommended purpose.

The Superintendent or designee may cease to recognize and cease to affiliate with any parent/booster organization that, in the opinion of the Board, does not adhere to applicable policies and administrative regulations.

Kingsville ISD


LDU 2016.01

DATE ISSUED: 3/28/2016