Mission Statement

Hallettsville ISD exists to develop productive, motivated, and moral citizens through educational excellence.

Shared Vision

Our students are:

Confident about their future and prepared for the next stage of life: campus transition, college, technical/trade school, or career.

Morally sound, well adjusted, contributing citizens who have positive social and life skills.

Critical thinkers and effective problem solvers.

Personally responsible and accountable to others.

Our learning environment:

Promotes self-sufficiency and positive attitudes.

Includes facilities that meet the needs of students and staff.

Provides physical and emotional safety.

Fosters communication between home and school.

Provides opportunities for all types of learners and populations.

Provides progressive and reliable technology and appropriate resources.

Encourages global and student-driven learning.

Our District and community:

Expect a high level of student achievement.

Develop partnerships to achieve mutual goals.

Nurture the moral character of every student.

Have unity of purpose in achieving student-centered goals.

Foster effective and open communication between school and community.

Share services and resources to meet the needs of students and community.

Support the development and maintenance of a high-performing staff.

Strategic Goals

The District adopts the following strategic goals.

The District shall:

Safety and Facilities

Have the appropriate facilities and a comprehensive plan providing a safe and secure environment for students, employees, and community members.


Provide progressive technology and ample support for students and staff.

Curriculum and Instruction

Use quality, research-based, aligned curriculum and instruction emphasizing critical thinking and application while meeting the social and emotional needs of all students.

Unity and Accountability

Promote a unity of purpose through high expectations with accountability for students, employees, school board members, families, and community members.


Provide career discovery and education.


Hire and retain diverse, high-performing, competitively compensated employees who are accountable for their actions and strive for educational excellence.

Parents and Community

Foster school, home, and community collaboration for student educational success.

Hallettsville ISD


LDU 2015.01

DATE ISSUED: 1/22/2015