Substitute Teachers

At the beginning of each school year, the Superintendent or a designee, in cooperation with principals, shall compile a list of qualified substitute teachers available for the school year. This list shall be approved by the Board and Superintendent and distributed to all principals. The list shall indicate each individual's qualifications. Principals shall request and receive specific authorization from the Superintendent or designee before employing any substitute not on the approved list.


Persons wishing to substitute teach in the District shall make application through usual channels. [See DC]

Approved substitutes shall have on file in the District:

The District's application form.

A record of highest education attained, including high school diploma, GED certificate, or transcript for all college work, and/or Texas certificates.

Income tax withholding form.


The District shall attempt to hire certified teachers as substitutes whenever possible; however, no person shall be employed as a substitute who does not have at least a high school diploma or GED.


Principals shall give first consideration to the most qualified teachers on the approved substitute list and shall make an effort to place substitutes in their field of interest or the field in which they are best qualified.


The rates for substitute pay shall be set by the Board and recorded in Board minutes.

Performance Responsibilities

A substitute shall be subject to all duties of a regular classroom teacher.

Continuous Employment

A substitute teacher whose continuous employment as a substitute for an individual teacher exceeds five days shall be paid the current substitute daily rate of pay plus an additional daily amount as set by the Board.

Dayton ISD


LDU 2015.03

DATE ISSUED: 11/3/2015