The following guidelines will govern student activity accounts:

A responsible individual will count the club's or organization's money and bring it to the secretary in the principal's office. The secretary will recount the money in the presence of the individual who brought the money to the office. When both agree on the amount, the secretary will make a deposit slip to the proper account.

The principal will designate a responsible person to keep books on all student activity funds. This individual must be a school employee on the campus where the club or organization is located. Each account will be kept up to date so the bookkeeper can give the club sponsor or club officer a full account of club or organization funds with minimum effort.

Principals will sign all checks written on club or organization accounts for their campus. Before principals sign checks, they must have in their possession, or in the possession of the bookkeeper, an authorization slip signed by the club's or organization's sponsor and a designated officer of the club or organization.

Accounts of school clubs or organizations will be audited periodically by an employee of the central office. When accounts are audited, each check will be backed up by an invoice and a properly signed authorization slip.

Each campus will turn in a trial balance at the end of each month showing the balance in each account.

All money collected for lost or damaged books will be turned in to the central office as miscellaneous funds.

Mexia ISD



DATE ISSUED: 11/1/1982