Vacation Days

An employee in a nonexempt position normally requiring 12 months (240–257 days) of service shall annually earn the number of days of vacation outlined in the chart below. The District shall prorate vacation leave in the event the employee does not hold his or her position for a full 12 months.

Vacation leave shall accumulate to a maximum of 20 workdays, and a maximum vacation leave balance of 20 workdays may be carried forward into each fiscal year. If an employee does not use his or her vacation leave days, the employee shall forfeit any right to monetary compensation or any other compensation.

An employee shall secure approval of vacation leave plans through his or her immediate supervisor. Vacation leave should be taken between June 1 and July 20 unless approved by the Superintendent or director of finance.

Paid Holidays

The following holidays shall be paid holidays for bus drivers and cafeteria, maintenance, and custodial employees:

Labor Day;

Thanksgiving Day;

Christmas Day;

New Year's Day;

Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday;

Good Friday; and

July Fourth (for an employee in a position normally requiring 240–257 days of service).

Mexia ISD


LDU 2016.03

DATE ISSUED: 8/22/2016