Promotional Activities

District facilities shall not be used to advertise, promote, sell tickets, or collect funds for any nonschool-related purpose without prior approval of the Superintendent or designee.

[For information relating to nonschool use of facilities, see GKD.]


For purposes of this policy, "advertising" shall mean a communication designed to attract attention or patronage by the public or school community and communicated through means under the control of the District in exchange for consideration to the District. "Advertising" does not include public recognition of donors or sponsors who have made contributions, financial or otherwise, to the District or school support organizations.

Advertising shall be accepted solely for the purpose of generating revenue for the District and not for the purpose of establishing a forum for communication. The District shall retain final editorial authority to accept or reject submitted advertisements in a manner consistent with the First Amendment. The District shall retain the authority to determine the size and location of any advertising. The District reserves the right to reject advertising that:

  1. Is inconsistent with federal or state law, Board policy, District or campus regulations, or curriculum;
  2. Is inappropriate in a school setting with a student audience;
  3. Advertises products presenting a health hazard;
  4. Creates a substantial likelihood of material disruption, including adding to the District's obligations for security and facilities maintenance; or
  5. Adds to the District's administrative burden by exposing the District to complaints, controversy, or litigation.

The District shall not accept paid political advertising.

Acceptance of advertising shall not constitute District approval or endorsement of any product, service, organization, or issue referenced in the advertising, nor shall acceptance of advertising from a vendor determine whether the District will purchase goods or services from the vendor through the District's formal procurement process.

[For information relating to school-sponsored publications, see FMA.]

Approval of Signage

The Board shall approve the following types of signs:

  1. Signs to be attached to existing structures for longer than the current academic school year; and
  2. Signs that are permanently attached to structures during the construction process.

The Board delegates to the Superintendent the authority to approve or disapprove any other requests for signs. The Superintendent may refer any such requests to the Board for a decision.

Types of Signage

The following types of signs require no pricing:

  1. Informational signs;
  2. Spirit banners;
  3. Signs painted on trailers and vehicles used during school-sponsored events;
  4. Booster club signs used only to list prices of items to be sold by the booster club (e.g., concession stand prices, spirit sales, and the like).

Advertising benefiting outside third parties with no direct benefit to the District is prohibited.

All other types of signs require pricing as described in Consistency of Pricing, below.

Content Design of Signage

The District shall not be responsible for designing or ordering signs. Any group that wishes to erect a sign on District property shall build a prototype whose content and design shall be approved by the Superintendent. The Superintendent may reject proposed signs that:

  1. Are too commercial in appearance,
  2. Are deemed unattractive, or
  3. Appear to constitute a hazard.

The District shall control the number and size of signs.

Location of Signage

Any proposal for new structures constructed to support temporary signs (i.e., poles for banners that will be in place for six months or less) must include location and design specification details and be submitted to the Superintendent for approval. Such structures shall be subject to periodic inspection by the District maintenance administrator during the design and construction process.

If new signs are to be attached to an existing facility or a facility currently under construction, the design specifications and plans for attachment shall be approved by the Superintendent and the Board prior to the beginning of construction. Installation and attachment shall be inspected by the District maintenance administrator.

Maintenance of Signs

The District shall not be responsible for the maintenance of signs approved under this policy. The person or organization that requested the approved sign shall maintain the sign in an aesthetically pleasing and safe manner.

At the discretion of either the Superintendent or the Board, maintenance responsibility for a sign may be accepted by the District either with or without advance payment of expected maintenance costs.

Consistency of Pricing

To create a fair and equitable opportunity for organizations requesting the sale of signs, the pricing schedule shallbe consistent. A pricing schedule for the various types of signs shall be developed and maintained by the Superintendent.


Any appeal of a decision regarding signs shall be made through policy FNG or GF, as appropriate.

Sponsorships and Donations

If the District or any campus accepts financial or in-kind donations to support District-sponsored activities, the District reserves the right to acknowledge donors through whatever means the District deems appropriate. The District retains full editorial control over its acknowledgment or display of donations, even if donors are permitted to suggest text for the acknowledgment.

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DATE ISSUED: 1/30/2019