Consultation with Recognized Employee Organizations

By policy, the Board sets standards of recognition for employee organizations for the purpose of consultation with such organizations. As a result of this recognition, the Board, at its option and pleasure, will consult with such recognized organizations on wages, rates of pay, hours of employment, conditions of work, or other matters that in the opinion and discretion of the Board, affect them. This policy is not intended and shall not be interpreted to be an exclusive arrangement for consultation by any organization of employees or an individual employee, it being the policy of the District that neither the District, its Board members, nor employees may directly or indirectly require or coerce any employee to join any group, club, committee, organization, or association, nor shall this policy be interpreted to limit or affect the power of the Board to manage and govern.

Recognized Employee Organizations

For consultation purposes, a recognized employee organization shall be an organization consisting of at least two members of the District personnel who are eligible for membership in that organization.

The organization must:

Submit a copy of its official charter to the Superintendent; and

Agree to provide to the Board, biannually, the state of its employment with the District and provide the Superintendent a certified membership list, including:

The names of all current members in good standing of that organization;

Each member's position of employment with the District; and

Each member's campus or facility assignment.

The Board reserves the right to redefine the term "recognized employee organization" in order to ensure the efficiency and facilitation of the consultation conference process. Not one of these provisions intends to undermine the employee grievance/complaint process governed by DGBA(LEGAL) and (LOCAL).

Consultation Conference Procedures

Consultation conferences with recognized employee organizations may be called only by the Board and/or the Superintendent. The District may have present at such meeting three members of the Board appointed by the President of the Board, the Superintendent or designee, and other staff members, as deemed necessary by the Superintendent.

Eligible Conferees

All persons in attendance at a consultation conference shall be currently employed by the District.


The Superintendent will give written notice of the time, place, and subject matter of the consultation conference and the anticipated length of the conference at least three days before the date of the conference. Notice shall be by public notice.

Conference Agenda

Recognized employee organizations may request consultation by making a request in writing through the office of the Superintendent. The request shall set out the proposed subject matter of the consultation. The Superintendent shall then set the agenda for consultation, which may include matters of labor disputes, wages, rates of pay, hours of employment, or conditions of work.

Number of Representatives

Each recognized employee organization may have as many as four representatives attend the consultation conferences.

Scope of Representation

For consultation conference purposes, each recognized organization shall be obligated to represent the rights and interests of all eligible employees in the organization's respective classification, whether said employees are members of that organization or not, upon request of such employees.

No Denial of Redress

This policy shall in no way be construed to be a policy limiting consultation or communication between the Superintendent and the Board and the District's employees. Accordingly, no employee of the District, or employee organization, whether recognized under the definition of this policy or not, shall be excluded from consulting with, or bringing his or her grievances to, the Superintendent or the Board on matters of labor disputes, wages, rates of pay, hours of employment, or conditions of work, regardless of employee organization membership, or from bringing matters of personal concern to the attention of the school officials and the Board, in accordance with existing law, rules, regulations, or established Board policy.

Rights of Recognized Employee Organizations

All recognized employee organizations shall be permitted to use District bulletin boards and/or mailboxes at the schools. Requests for such use shall be submitted to the principal or school designee. Such use shall not interfere with school use at any time.

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DATE ISSUED: 1/17/2000