UIL Rules and District Policies

Athletic Activities

UIL Forms


  1. Prominently display at its administrative offices the telephone number and electronic mail address that the commissioner of education maintains for reporting violations of Education Code Chapter 33, Subchapter F; and
  2. Provide each student participant and the student's parent or guardian a copy of the text of Education Code 33.201–33.207 and a copy of the UIL's parent information manual. The document may be provided in an electronic format unless otherwise requested.


Unsafe Practices

Safety Precautions

  1. Each student participant is adequately hydrated;
  2. Any prescribed asthma medication for a student participant is readily available to the student;
  3. Emergency lanes providing access to the practice or competition area are open and clear; and
  4. Heatstroke prevention materials are readily available.
  1. Return to the activity during which the student became unconscious; or
  2. Participate in any extracurricular athletic activity until the student receives written authorization for such participation from a physician.


Concussion Oversight Team

Return-to-Play Protocol

Required Annual Form

Removal from Play

Return to Play

  1. The student has been evaluated, using established medical protocols based on peer-reviewed scientific evidence, by a treating physician chosen by the student or the student's parent or guardian or another person with legal authority to make medical decisions for the student;
  2. The student has successfully completed each requirement of the return-to-play protocol established under Education Code 38.153 necessary for the student to return to play;
  3. The treating physician has provided a written statement indicating that, in the physician's professional judgment, it is safe for the student to return to play; and
  4. The student and the student's parent or guardian or another person with legal authority to make medical decisions for the student have acknowledged that the student has completed the requirements of the return-to-play protocol necessary for the student to return to play, have provided the treating physician's written statement to the person responsible for compliance with the return-to-play protocol and the person who has supervisory responsibilities, and have signed a consent form indicating that the person signing:
    1. Has been informed concerning and consents to the student participating in returning to play in accordance with the return-to-play protocol;
    2. Understands the risks associated with the student returning to play and will comply with any ongoing requirements in the return-to-play protocol;
    3. Consents to the disclosure to appropriate persons, consistent with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, Pub. L. No. 104-191, of the treating physician's written statement and, if any, the return-to-play recommendations of the treating physician; and
    4. Understands the immunity provisions under Education Code 38.159.


  1. Waive any immunity from liability of a district or of district officers or employees;
  2. Create any liability for a cause of action against a district or against district officers or employees;
  3. Waive any immunity from liability under Civil Practice and Remedies Code 74.151; or
  4. Create any cause of action or liability for a member of a concussion oversight team arising from the injury or death of a student participating in an interscholastic athletics practice or competition, based on service or participation on the concussion oversight team.

Football Helmet Safety Requirements

Steroid Testing

Cardiac Assessment


  1. The injury or death of a student participating in or practicing for an athletic activity sponsored or sanctioned by the UIL based on or in connection with the administration or interpretation of or reliance on an electrocardiogram; or
  2. The content or distribution of the information required under these provisions or the failure to distribute the required information.

Interscholastic Athletic Competition Based on Biological Sex


Birth Certificate Statement


  1. Riding a horse, with or without a saddle, with the goal of remaining on the horse while it attempts to throw off the rider;
  2. Riding a bull;
  3. Roping an animal, including roping as part of a team;
  4. Wrestling a steer; and
  5. Riding a horse in a pattern around preset barrels or other obstacles.

Educational Program

Restriction on Participation

Protective Gear for Bull Riding


Military Dependents

Attendance and Participation

SBOE Rules

Extracurricular Activities

  1. The activity is competitive;
  2. The activity is held in conjunction with another activity that is considered extracurricular;
  3. The activity is held off-campus, except in a case in which adequate facilities do not exist on campus;
  4. The general public is invited; or
  5. An admission is charged.


Public Performances

  1. The general public is invited; and
  2. The requirement for student participation in public is stated in the essential knowledge and skills of the course.

State-Approved Music Courses

Limits on Participation and Practice

During the School Week

  1. For any given extracurricular activity, a student may not participate in more than one activity per school week, excluding holidays, except as provided in item 2, below.
  2. A student may also participate in a tournament or post-district contest, as well as a contest postponed by weather or public disaster that may determine advancement to a post-district level of competition.
  3. For each extracurricular activity, a district must limit students to a maximum of eight hours of practice and rehearsal outside the school day per school week.
  4. The commissioner recommends that districts avoid scheduling extracurricular activities or public performances on the day or evening immediately preceding the day on which the statewide student assessment program is scheduled for grades 3–11.

During the School Day

  1. A district must limit a student to one period of practice during the regularly scheduled school day for practice of extracurricular activities, such as athletics, drill team, or cheerleading.
  2. The limit in item 1 does not prohibit a student from enrolling in any state-approved class. A student who is enrolled in a state-approved class that includes essential knowledge and skills that relate to the preparation for an extracurricular activity may practice that extracurricular activity for no more than one period during the school day.
  3. A student may not be permitted to miss a scheduled academic class to practice for an unrelated extracurricular activity.
  4. A district must limit extracurricular practice during the school day to ensure that class periods for extracurricular practice do not exceed the time allotted for other class periods.
  5. Regardless of the schedule type in place (traditional or nontraditional), a school may elect to practice extracurricular activities daily, provided the total minutes allowed for the extracurricular practice is not greater than 300 minutes during the school week.

Record of Absences

Students Receiving Outpatient Mental Health Services

Participation by Homeschooled Students

Relevant Policies

  1. Registration for UIL activities;
  2. Age eligibility;
  3. Fees;
  4. Insurance;
  5. Transportation;
  6. Physical condition;
  7. Qualifications;
  8. Responsibilities;
  9. Event schedules;
  10. Standards of behavior; and
  11. Performance.

Residency Requirements

Academic Requirements

Previous Enrollment in Public School


Suspension from Extracurricular Activities

Length of Suspension

Grade Evaluation Period

  1. The six-week grade reporting period; or
  2. The first six weeks of a semester and each grade reporting period thereafter, in the case of a district with a grade reporting period longer than six weeks.

School Week

Exempt Courses

Students with Disabilities

Practice or Rehearsal


Suspension for Certain Conduct Involving Extracurricular Officials

Reinstatement After Conduct

Parental Notice and Consent

Anonymous Evaluations

Videotaping and Recording

Discriminatory Club

Special Olympics Recognition

Student Election Clerks

Before-School and After-School Programs

Eagle Pass ISD



DATE ISSUED: 6/10/2022