Note: For searches of personal telecommunications devices or other personal electronic devices, see FNF.

Personal Use

Telecommunications Devices

An authorized District employee may confiscate a personal telecommunications device, including a mobile telephone, used in violation of applicable campus rules.

The District shall not charge a fee for the release of a personal telecommunications device. In accordance with the student handbook, the student or the student's parents may retrieve a device after receiving notification from the District.

If a personal telecommunications device is not retrieved, the District shall dispose of the device after providing notice required by law.

Other Electronic Devices

Guidelines regarding other electronic devices shall be addressed in the student handbook.

Instructional Use

A student shall obtain prior approval before using personal telecommunications or other personal electronic devices for on-campus instructional purposes. The student shall also acknowledge receipt and understanding of applicable regulations and shall sign the appropriate user agreements. [See CQ]

La Vega ISD


LDU 2021.01

DATE ISSUED: 3/30/2021