Note: For provisions regarding inventory and requisition of instructional materials, see CMD.


SBOE Instructional Materials List

Open Education Resource Instructional Material

Commissioner Instructional Materials List

  1. Electronic instructional material; and
  2. Material that conveys information to the student or otherwise contributes to the learning process, including tools, models, and investigative materials designed for use as part of the foundation curriculum for science in kindergarten through grade 5 and personal financial literacy in kindergarten through grade 8.

Supplemental Instructional Materials List

  1. Must contain material covering one or more primary focal points or primary topics of a subject in the required curriculum;
  2. Is not designed to serve as the sole instructional material for a full course;
  3. Meets applicable physical specifications adopted by the State Board of Education;
  4. Is free from factual errors;
  5. Is suitable for the subject and grade level; and
  6. Is reviewed by academic experts in the subject and grade level.

Local Selection

Notice to SBOE

Foundation Curriculum

Enrichment Curriculum

Open Education Resource Instructional Materials

Supplemental Materials

Special Education

Duration of Selection

Listed Materials

  1. The district has used the instructional material for at least one school year; and
  2. TEA approves the change based on a written request to TEA by the district that specifies the reasons for changing the instructional material used by the district.

Other Materials

Criminal Offense

  1. Is given to the person or the person's school;
  2. Might reasonably tend to influence the person in the selection of instructional material or technological equipment; and
  3. Could not be lawfully purchased with state instructional materials funds.
  1. Staff development, in-service, or teacher training; or
  2. Ancillary materials, such as maps or worksheets, that convey information to the student or otherwise contribute to the learning process.

Human Sexuality Materials

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DATE ISSUED: 10/19/2017