Our vision at Hondo ISD is to develop life-long learners who are productive members of society.


In our relentless pursuit of academic excellence, our mission at Hondo ISD is to make learning the priority for all and serve the educational needs of every student, in every classroom, every day.


Hondo ISD will experience more students achieving higher levels of performance than the previous year as measured by multiple indicators.

Hondo ISD will increase differentiated learning opportunities that prepare students for the future and inspire them to realize their highest personal and educational potential.

Hondo ISD will create a safe and technologically rich educational environment that enhances individual learning.

Hondo ISD will establish an effective and efficient method to allocate resources to meet the District's prioritized needs.

Hondo ISD will engage the community in meaningful ways.

Hondo ISD will recruit, develop, support, and retain quality staff.

Hondo ISD


LDU 2015.03

DATE ISSUED: 9/23/2015