The College District prohibits the use, possession, or display of a firearm on College District property or at a College District-sponsored or -related activity in violation of law and College District regulations.

Licensed peace officers are authorized by law to carry firearms at all times.

Open Carry

The College District prohibits the open carry of handguns or other firearms on all College District property at all times in accordance with law.

Concealed Carry

A license holder may carry a concealed handgun on College District property except where prohibited by law or this policy.

License holders shall be responsible for complying with the applicable federal and state law.

License holders who reside in College District housing shall safely secure or store their firearms to prevent tampering or theft. The College District shall not provide storage.

Prohibited Areas

The College President may prohibit the carrying of concealed handguns based on applicable laws and regulations, the general constituency of the campus population in particular areas, and safety considerations and any unique or material characteristics of those areas. The following locations shall be identified as exclusionary zones with the appropriate notice posted in accordance with law:

  1. Locations providing counseling services, which include the Student Resource Counselor, Room 118 SSC and the ADAC Office, Room 175 AHS;
  2. Locations providing child-care for minor children, which include the child-care center located in the Helen L. Greathouse Child Care Center and Manor Park;
  3. Locations providing education for kindergarten–grade 12, which include the Early College High School, located in the east wing of the Allison Fine Arts Building; the Williams Regional Technical Training Center, the Advanced Technology Center (7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.) and the Cogdell Training Center (7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.);
  4. Locations primarily used for NJCAA, UIL, or other ticketed sporting and performance events, which include the Al G. Langford Chaparral Center, the Christensen Stadium, and the softball field;
  5. College District housing in rooms that are shared by two or more persons;
  6. Locations used for camps and programs for minors, which include College District housing when used for summer camps;
  7. Aviation Maintenance Hanger E, Midland International Air and Space Port;
  8. The Dollye Neal Chapel; and
  9. Lab storages that contain volatile chemicals.

Temporary Prohibition

The College President may temporarily prohibit the concealed carry of handguns on a case-by-case basis at any location or specific time period that creates a unique situation that poses a threat to the safety of the campus community.

Other Weapons Prohibited

The College District prohibits the use, possession, or display of any location-restricted knife, club, knuckles, or prohibited weapon, as defined by law, on College District property or at a College District-sponsored or -related activity, unless written authorization is granted in advance by the College President or designee.

Additionally, the following weapons are prohibited on College District property or at any College District-sponsored or -related activity:

  1. Fireworks of any kind;
  2. Incendiary devices;
  3. Instruments designed to expel a projectile with the use of pressurized air, like a BB gun;
  4. Razors;
  5. Chains; or
  6. Martial arts throwing stars.

The possession or use of articles not generally considered to be weapons may be prohibited when the College President or designee determines that a danger exists for any student, College District employee, or College District property by virtue of possession or use.


Employees and students found to be in violation of this policy shall be subject to disciplinary action. [See DH, FM, and FMA]

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DATE ISSUED: 12/13/2019