Section I: Maintenance Taxes

Tax Rate Cap

Education Code 45.003(a), (d)–(f)

Appraisal Roll

Note: The Truth in Taxation website maintained by the Texas comptroller of public accounts offers detailed guidance on setting local property tax rates for school districts.

Tax Code 26.04(b)

Certified Estimate

Disaster Area

Meeting on Budget and Proposed Tax Rate

Published Notice

Form of Notice
Taxpayer Injunction

Districts with July 1 Fiscal Year

The rate proposed in the notice prepared using the estimate; or

The district's rollback rate determined under Tax Code 26.08 using the certified appraisal roll.

Decrease in Debt Service Rate

Education Code 44.004

Tax Rate


Effective Tax Rate

Maintenance and Operations Tax Rate

Internet Posting

Tax Code 26.05(b)

Section II: Election to Ratify Taxes


Approval of Proposition

Call for Election


Notice to County Clerk


Election Code 4.008

Tax Information to County

Section III: Payment Options


Option 1

Three percent if the tax is paid in October or earlier.

Two percent if the tax is paid in November.

One percent if the tax is paid in December.

Tax Code 31.05(b)

Option 2

Three percent if the tax is paid before or during the next full calendar month following the date on which the tax bills were mailed.

Two percent if the tax is paid during the second full calendar month following the date on which the tax bills were mailed.

One percent if the tax is paid during the third full calendar month following the date on which the tax bills were mailed.

Tax Code 31.05(c)

Both Options


Split Payments

Performing Services in Lieu of Paying Taxes

Persons 65 and Over

Tax Code 31.035

Teaching Services by Individual

Teaching Services by Employee of Business Entity

Installment Payments

Certain Homesteads

Disaster Area

Real property that:

Is the residence homestead of the owner or consists of property that is used for residential purposes and that has fewer than five living units, or is owned or leased by a business entity that had not more than the amount calculated as provided by Tax Code 31.032(h) in gross receipts in the entity's most recent federal tax year or state franchise tax annual period, according to the applicable federal income tax return or state franchise tax report of the entity; and

Is located in a disaster area and has been damaged as a direct result of the disaster.

Tangible personal property that is owned or leased by a business entity described above at number 1(a); and

Taxes that are imposed on the property by a taxing unit before the first anniversary of the disaster;

Tax Code 31.032(a)–(b)

Partial Payments

Section IV: Delinquent Taxes

Delinquency Date

A district has provided for split payments. Tax Code 31.03

A district's tax bills are mailed after January 10. Tax Code 31.04(a)

A district's tax bills are mailed after September 30 and the board has adopted discounts provided by Tax Code 31.05(c). Tax Code 31.04(d)

Tax Code 31.02

Delinquent Tax Collection

Additional Penalties

Section V: Exemptions

Homestead Exemptions

Persons 65 or Older or Disabled Persons

Tax Ceiling
Portability of Tax Ceiling
Surviving Spouse of Persons 65 or Older

Homesteads Rendered Uninhabitable Or Unusable

Veteran Exemptions

100 Percent Disabled

Partially Disabled with Donated Residence

Exemption for Surviving Spouse

The surviving spouse has not remarried since the death of the disabled veteran; and

The property:

Was the residence homestead of the surviving spouse when the disabled veteran died; and

Remains the residence homestead of the surviving spouse.

Tax Code 11.131(c)–(d), .132(c)–(d)

Surviving Spouse of Individual Killed in Action

Disabled Veteran

Optional Exemptions



Tax Code 11.253(b), (j)–(j-2)

Section VI: Economic Development

Tax Increment Financing Act

Board of Directors

Collection and Deposit of Tax Increments

Property Redevelopment and Tax Abatement Act

District Designated

Contribute to the expansion of primary employment in the reinvestment zone; or

Attract major investment in the reinvestment zone that would:

Be a benefit to property in the reinvestment zone and to the school district; and

Contribute to the economic development of the region of this state in which the school district is located.

Tax Code 312.0025

Texas Economic Development Act

Enhance the local community;

Improve the local public education system;

Create high-paying jobs; and

Advance the economic development goals of Texas.

Tax Code 313.004(3)

Note: For complete information regarding the Texas Economic Development Act, refer to Tax Code Chapter 313 and 34 Administrative Code Chapter 9, Subchapter F.

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DATE ISSUED: 2/15/2016