District Personnel

Prominent notices shall be posted at each campus stating that all visitors must first report to the campus main office. These notices shall apply to parents, volunteers, social service workers, law enforcement personnel, invited speakers, maintenance and repair persons not employed by the District, salespersons, representatives of the news media, former students, and any other visitors.

Visitors must have a specific purpose for being on campus. The principal reserves the right to deny any person access to any classroom or office, as well as permission to be on campus. The administrator who is in charge at each District facility shall determine visitor access.

General Rules for Visitors

All visitors to District campuses must comply with the following guidelines:

All visitors shall report to the main office and present a valid driver license or other valid government-issued ID.

The visitor shall indicate the purpose of the visit.

If applicable, office staff shall check the student's records to ensure that contact with the student is permitted and shall verify by picture identification the identity of each visitor not known to them personally.

The visitor shall receive a badge that indicates the visitor's name and the location in the building to be visited; the badge shall be worn in a visible location at all times.

If a visitor does not have valid identification, the visitor shall sign in indicating his or her name, the time of arrival and departure, the location of the building he or she is visiting and the purpose of the visit. School staff shall escort the visitor to and from the destination and ensure that the visitor is properly supervised at all times.

Visitors cannot disseminate information to students or staff without prior approval in accordance with GKDA(LOCAL).

Visitors cannot solicit, proselytize, or recruit for fund-raising activities, religious groups, youth groups, or political causes.

Visitors must wear appropriate attire that generally conforms to the dress code outlined in the student handbook.

Visitors must refrain from inappropriate physical expressions of affection toward a student he or she is visiting.


A visitor who wishes to establish a regular presence in the District's schools and/or interact directly with students shall complete a District volunteer application and consent to a criminal background history check.

District Employees

When visiting a school campus, District employees shall wear a District employee identification tag. All District employees shall sign in at the main office indicating the purpose of the visit.


Media representatives shall make arrangements to visit schools through the District's Communications Department and if approved to be on campus shall report to the principal's office and must be accompanied by the principal or designee while on the campus.

In Classrooms

Visits to individual classrooms during instructional time shall be permitted only with the principal's and teacher's approval. A visitor shall not be permitted if the duration or frequency of his or her visit interferes with the delivery of instruction or is/has been disruptive to the normal classroom environment.


A parent/guardian may request a date and time for a classroom visit. The teacher may accept the request or request another date and time in consideration of classroom activities.

Other Visitors

A visitor other than a school official or parent/guardian shall not be permitted to observe a classroom occupied by students.

Registered Sex Offenders

A visitor who is a verified sex offender shall not be allowed general access to a campus and the District shall follow procedures set out in Procedure GKC. A current student's parent who is a registered sex offender shall be allowed access to his or her child's records, teacher, and campus administrators by making an appointment with the campus principal.


Badges/passes shall not be required for voters proceeding only to and from the polling stations. During school hours, school personnel shall monitor and assist the flow of voting visitors.

Conroe ISD


LDU 2019.01

DATE ISSUED: 3/26/2019