The District shall permit nonschool use of designated District facilities for educational, recreational, civic, or social activities when these activities do not conflict with school use or this policy.

Scheduling Priorities

The campus principal and/or the District facility manager shall have authority to cancel a scheduled nonschool use if conflict arises with a District activity.

Approval of Use

An individual or organization desiring use of a District facility shall obtain and complete a written facility use application and submit it to the campus principal.

The campus principal or other appropriate administrator shall review the application and determine whether the requested facility is available for use. If the facility is available, the principal or administrator shall note the availability on the application and shall forward the application to the District facility manager, who shall determine if the proposed use is consistent with District policy. Upon approval by the facility manager, arrangements for the collection of fees, scheduling of personnel, verification of insurance, and compliance with all other administrative requirements shall be made.

Facility use applications may be obtained from the District facility manager or online through the District's Web site.

Release of Liability

In applying for use of District facilities, an organization or individual using school facilities shall agree to release the District from liability for personal injury and/or damages to personal property. Any group using school facilities shall be responsible for the cost of damages incurred during use. Damages and the cost associated with repairs shall be determined solely by the District and borne by the user.

Approval shall not be granted for any purpose that would damage school property or to groups that are known to have damaged other rented property.

[See CNB regarding nonschool use of District vehicles and FNAB regarding student group use of school facilities]

Private Lessons, Clinics, and Summer Athletic Leagues

Private lessons, clinics, and summer athletic leagues serve an important school purpose because they enable students to be more proficient; therefore, a separate fee schedule for these activities shall be established by the Board. Criminal history checks shall be required of all persons providing individualized instruction. The fine arts department or the athletic department shall be responsible for obtaining and monitoring these criminal history checks.

Special Provisions

The following shall apply:

All rental agreements shall be reviewed annually.

The District reserves the right to cancel a rental agreement at any time use would interfere with school activities or when the wear and tear to the facility becomes too great. Determinations regarding interference with school activities or regarding excessive wear shall be within the sole discretion of the District.

Facilities shall not be rented on Christmas Day, Thanksgiving Day, New Year's Day, Independence Day, or Labor Day, unless a waiver is granted by the Superintendent or designee.

Any use of District kitchen facilities shall require the presence of a District cafeteria manager.

The District athletic director shall approve all sports-related activities, and the District fine arts coordinator shall approve all fine arts-related activities.

An organization using a District facility shall be required to show liability coverage unless a waiver is granted by the Superintendent or designee. [See RELEASE OF LIABILITY, above]

The District reserves the right to charge any appropriate fee that is deemed necessary for use of District facilities. The District, when it deems necessary, reserves the right to require an administrator or police presence for any facility rental at the sole cost of the user.

Usage Fees

Users shall be charged a fee to pay for operation, supervision, or cleanup costs at District facilities. The Board shall publish a schedule of fees for the use of District facilities.

All users shall be charged a usage fee except as set out below.

Complimentary, Reduced, or Waived Fees

Parent/teacher/employee organizations and other adult groups organized for the express purpose of supporting District activities and/or programs, such as PTA/PTO, booster clubs, and employee organizations, shall be permitted to use school facilities for meeting purposes without charge during normal business hours. [See DGA, GE]

Complimentary use shall not include the use of Districtwide facilities such as stadiums and the natatorium.

Facility fees shall not apply when school buildings are used as polling places for public elections, for precinct and county conventions, or for public meetings sponsored by state or local governmental agencies.

Each organization that qualifies for complimentary use of facilities shall be allowed two free functions per year at the facility during nonschool hours. These functions may be activities such as fund-raisers, meetings, or special events.

All individuals or groups that qualify for complimentary use that request use beyond the two nonschool-hour functions provided by this policy shall be required to pay usage fees.

School employees who conduct nonschool camps, clinics, workshops, or lessons for District students shall pay reduced facility use fees in accordance with the District's facility use fee schedule.

Only the Board can waive all fees associated with the use of school facilities.

Fee waiver requests shall be handled in accordance with administrative policy GKD.

Emergencies or Disasters

The Superintendent or designee may authorize the use of school facilities by civil defense officials in case of emergencies or disasters.

Public Meetings of State or Local Governments

Fees shall not be charged when school buildings are used for public meetings sponsored by state or local governmental agencies.

Required Conduct

Organizations using school facilities shall:

Conduct their business in an orderly manner.

Abide by all laws and policies, including but not limited to those prohibiting the use, sale, or possession of alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs, and firearms and the use of tobacco products on school property.

Make no alteration, temporary or permanent, to school property without prior written consent from the Superintendent.

Applicability of Policy

This policy shall apply to the use of all District facilities unless this policy is specifically superseded by another policy, rule, or contract.

Conroe ISD


LDU 2013.04

DATE ISSUED: 12/19/2013