Students at all grade levels who have been identified as being at risk of dropping out of school, who are not performing at grade level, or who did not perform satisfactorily on a state-mandated assessment, shall be provided accelerated and/or compensatory educational services based on needs assessment. The principal shall ensure that each identified student is receiving services.

The services provided each student shall be consistent with the goals and strategies established in the District and campus improvement plans and shall be reviewed for effectiveness at the close of each grading period. Parents shall be encouraged to participate in the planning of educational services for their child and shall be kept informed regarding the child's progress toward educational goals.

Parents of students who are not successful in meeting requirements for promotion shall be informed of any available options, such as an extended year program or summer school.

[See EIE]

Local Eligibility Criterion

In addition to the "at risk" definition found at EHBC(LEGAL), a student at risk of dropping out of school shall be defined as a student identified by the District with dyslexia who receives instruction in a dyslexia intervention program. The number of students receiving services under local eligibility criteria during a school year may not exceed ten percent of the number of students described as being "at risk" in EHBC(LEGAL) who receive services from the District during the preceding year.

Montgomery ISD



DATE ISSUED: 4/25/2005