Incentive Grants—Contract Provision

Educator Excellence Innovation Program


Completes and submits a Notice of Intent to Apply to TEA by the date established by the Commissioner;

Complies with all assurances in the Notice of Intent to Apply and grant application;

Participates in the required technical assistance activities established by the Commissioner, including establishing leadership teams, master teachers, mentor teachers, and instructional coaches and developing career pathways;

Agrees to participate for four years; and

Complies with any other activities set forth in the program requirements.

Local Plan

Use of Grant Funds

Implementation and administration of a high-quality mentoring program for teachers in the first three years of classroom teaching using mentors who meet the qualifications prescribed by Education Code 21.458 [see MENTOR TEACHERS, below];

Implementation of a teacher evaluation system using multiple measures that include:

The results of classroom observation, which may include student comments;

The degree of student educational growth and learning; and

The results of teacher self-evaluation;

To the extent permitted under Education Code Chapter 25, Subchapter C, restructuring of the school day or school year to provide for embedded and collaborative learning communities for the purpose of professional development [see EC];

Establishment of an alternative teacher compensation or retention system; and

Implementation of incentives designed to reduce teacher turnover.

Waiver Request

Why waiving the identified section of the Education Code is necessary to carry out the purposes of the program;

Approval for the waiver by a vote of a majority of the members of the board;

Approval for the waiver by a vote of a majority of the educators employed at each campus for which the waiver is sought; and

Evidence that the voting occurred during the school year and in a manner that ensured that all educators entitled to vote had a reasonable opportunity to participate in the voting.

Education Code Ch. 21, Subch. O; 19 TAC 102.1073

Mentor Teachers

To the extent practicable, teach in the same school;

To the extent practicable, teach the same subject or grade level, as applicable; and

Meet the qualifications prescribed by Commissioner's rules.

Complete a research-based mentor and induction training program approved by the Commissioner;

Complete a training program provided by the district; and

Have at least three complete years of teaching experience with a superior record of assisting students, as a whole, in achieving improvement in student performance.

Mentor teacher stipends;

Scheduled release time for mentor teachers and the classroom teachers to whom they are assigned for meeting and engaging in mentoring activities; and

Mentoring support through providers of mentor training.

Education Code 21.458; 19 TAC 153.1011

Master Teacher Grant Programs


Use of Funds


Designation of Teacher

Education Code 21.410–.413; 19 TAC Ch. 102, Subch. BB

Achievement Academy Stipends

Retirement Incentives

Attendance Supplement

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DATE ISSUED: 10/8/2015