Compliance with Law

The Superintendent shall establish procedures that ensure that all school facilities within the District comply with applicable laws and local building codes.

Construction Contracts

Prior to advertising, the Board shall determine the project delivery/contract award method to be used for each construction contract valued at or above $50,000. To assist the Board, the Superintendent shall recommend the project delivery/contract award method that he or she determines provides the best value to the District. [See CV series generally and CBB(LEGAL) for requirements if federal funds are involved.]

For construction contracts valued at or above $50,000, the Superintendent shall also submit the resulting contract to the Board for approval. Lesser expenditures for construction and construction-related materials or services shall be at the discretion of the Superintendent and consistent with law and policy. [See also CH and CBB(LEGAL)]

Change Orders

Change orders permitted by law shall be approved by the Board or its designee prior to any changes being made in the approved plans or the actual construction of the facility.

Betterment or contingency change orders may be approved by the Superintendent or designee as long as the construction contract amount is not changed.

Ratification of Change Orders

The approval of change orders may be ratified by the Board if the timing of the next Board meeting for approval will jeopardize the successful completion of the project on schedule. The change order amount shall be verified by the project architect or engineer. The Superintendent shall notify the Board of the pending ratification.

Project Administration

All construction projects shall be administered by the Superintendent or designee.

The Superintendent shall keep the Board informed concerning construction projects and also shall provide information to the general public.

Supervision of Construction

During the construction of a new building or major building project, the administration shall provide supervisory services for the District and present progress reports to keep the Board informed of all phases of the construction.

Inspection and Acceptance

Delegated representatives of the Board and of the administration shall inspect a new building or a new construction project before the Superintendent or designee recommends that the Board officially accept the project.

Final Payment

The District shall not make final payments for construction or the supervision of construction until the work has been completed and the Board has accepted the work.

Contract with Architect

Coordinating Architect

The Superintendent shall have prepared the appropriate contract for the architect for approval and signature. Generally, the contract document for the coordinating architect should include:

Term of the contract and conditions under which either of the contractual parties can terminate the contract before its date of expiration.

Services and duties to be performed.

Assignability for the performance of the expected services and duties.

Limitation of liability for services performed by a project architect.

Disqualification for employment by the District as a project architect.

Compensation and the percentages of fee payments during preliminary plan phase, final plan phase, and construction phase.

Surveys, borings, and tests to be provided by the District.

Ownership of documents, such as designs, drawings, and specifications.

Project Architect

Generally, the contract document for the project architect should include the following:

Services and duties to be performed including the correlation with those of the coordinating architect, the time and order for the services to be performed, the conditions controlling technical assistance and consultations, and the limitation of assignability.

Preliminary estimate or budgeted amount for project.

Obligation and leeway to hold cost of the project within the budgeted amount.

Informational items to be furnished by the District and the District's coordinating architect.

Fees, including timetables and percentages of total to be paid from the date of the approval and acceptance of preliminary plans and sketches until acceptance of the completed project.

Conditions and times of payment in case of termination of contract.

Ownership of documents.

The Board shall expect that the contract documents meet with the current standards and practices of the American Institute of Architects.

Corpus Christi ISD



DATE ISSUED: 1/2/2019