Prior Approval Required

An employee shall be reimbursed for reasonable, allowable expenses incurred in carrying out District business only with the prior approval of the employee's supervisor and in accordance with administrative regulations.

Travel Expenses

"Travel expense" shall mean:

A meal, lodging, transportation, or incidental expense; or

Registration and/or fees for training, a seminar, or a conference.

Documentation Required

For any allowable expense incurred, the employee shall submit a statement, with receipts to the extent feasible, documenting actual expenses.

Reimbursable Expenses

Allowable reimbursable expenses shall be:

Meals, for which no receipt shall be required.

Lodging, for which receipts shall be required.

Transportation, for which receipts shall be required if commercial transportation is used and documentation shall be required for personal vehicle use.

Compliance with Law

Budget administrators shall comply with federal and state guidelines when approving employee travel.

Employee Responsibility

The traveling employee shall be responsible for requesting permission to travel and ensuring that travel expenses are reasonable and necessary. Compliance with applicable law and policy shall also be the responsibility of the traveling employee.

Compliance with Specific Guidelines

Budget administrators and employees requesting permission to travel shall comply with DEE(REGULATION) regarding specific guidelines or spending limits and allowable expenses.

Corpus Christi ISD


LDU 2018.01

DATE ISSUED: 5/7/2018