Suspension Without Pay

The Board may, for good cause as determined by the Board, suspend a continuing contract employee without pay (1) pending discharge; or (2) in lieu of termination.

Suspension with Pay

A continuing contract employee may be suspended with pay and placed on administrative leave by the Superintendent during an investigation of alleged misconduct by the employee or at any time the Superintendent determines that the District's best interest will be served by the suspension.

Good Cause

An employee on a continuing contract may be discharged and salary payments terminated or suspended without pay by the employer during any contract year for good cause. Reasons that constitute good cause for discharge may include, but are not limited to, one or more of the reasons listed below:


Dishonorable conduct during the school day, including the excessive use of abusive and/or foul language.

Conviction of any felony or other crime involving moral turpitude or receipt of deferred adjudication or pretrial diversion for any of the foregoing.

Repeated failure to comply with official directives or established Board policy.

Repeated failure to follow established written campus rules and guidelines approved by the principal and the campus-level planning and decision-making committee.

Repeated failure to correct deficiencies pointed out in written formal evaluations or communications.

Repeated and continued neglect or incompetence in the performance of duties.

Excessive unexcused absences.

Removing District property, records, or confidential information from school premises without proper authority.

Disability, not otherwise protected by law, that impairs performance of required duties.

Conducting personal business during school hours when it results in neglect of duties.

Failure to maintain the appropriate credentials or certification required for the position to which the employee is assigned.

Reasons specified in individual employment contracts reflecting special conditions of employment.

Assault of any employee, volunteer, or Board member of the District, a student of the District, or a parent or a legal guardian of a student of the District for or as a result of the employee's employment with the District.

Consuming, possessing, or delivering to another during the school day, or while attending a school-sponsored student function, either of the following:

An alcoholic beverage.

A controlled substance except in compliance with a written prescription for medication issued by a licensed doctor of medicine or dentistry.

Being under the influence of an alcoholic beverage or a controlled substance during the school day while on duty or while attending a school-sponsored student function except in compliance with a written prescription for medication issued by a licensed doctor of medicine or dentistry.


Reduction in force as a result of a financial exigency.

Failure to report to duty after all District leave has been exhausted.

Falsification of records or other documents related to the District's activities.

Intentionally or knowingly misrepresenting facts to a supervisor or other District official in the conduct of District business.

Any attempt to encourage or coerce a child to withhold information from the child's parent.

Sexual harassment of employees, students, parents, or volunteers.

Abandonment of one's contract.

Any other conduct that fails to meet the accepted standards of conduct for the profession as generally recognized and applied in similarly situated school districts in the state the magnitude or consequences of which warrant discharge.

Hearing Procedure

For applicable hearing procedures, see DFCA(LEGAL) and DFD(LEGAL).

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DATE ISSUED: 2/6/2017