The Executive Director shall:

  1. Hold a bachelor's degree.
  2. Have extensive management experience.
  3. Have other qualifications determined by the Board and the commissioner.


The Executive Director shall:

  1. Report to and be accountable to the ESC Board for management and operation of the ESC in accordance with Board policies. Those policies shall be consistent with law and directives of the commissioner.
  2. Attend and participate in all meetings of the Board, including closed meetings, except when the Board desires to discuss privately such matters as the Executive Director's contract or evaluation.
  3. Prepare recommendations for policies to be adopted by the Board and oversee the implementation of adopted policies.
  4. Develop or cause to be developed appropriate administrative procedures to implement policies established by the Board.
  5. Provide for the orientation of new Board members. [See BBD(LOCAL)]
  6. Serve on the Commissioner's Cabinet for Regional Services (CCRS).
  7. Enter into contracts except as otherwise provided by policy or law.
  8. Review and approve applications or proposals for receipt of direct federal grants.
  9. Provide information to the commissioner and the Board regarding regional needs, services, and operations.
  10. Cause to be prepared and submit to the Board a proposed budget.
  11. Determine the number, type, and organization of positions, including administrative positions, needed to effectively carry out ESC functions.
  12. Implement policies regarding the employment, suspension, and dismissal of employees. [See DC]
  13. Identify and respond to needs of school districts in the region, establishing priorities for the most efficient use of available resources.
  14. Facilitate the coordination of educational planning in the region.
  15. Promote and coordinate activities of the advisory committees.
  16. Coordinate cooperative service delivery arrangements with institutions of higher education within the region.
  17. Organize staff and resources to implement the required functions of the ESC and be responsible for the quality of services provided.
  18. Provide the leadership necessary to ensure that the programs and services provided by the ESC support the improved quality of public education.
  19. Design and implement systems for measuring effectiveness of ESC services in accordance with the performance standards and indicators established by the commissioner. [See AE(LEGAL)]
  20. Develop annually an ESC improvement plan and submit the plan to the commissioner for approval. [See AE(LEGAL)]
  21. Determine when to close the ESC for reasons of public health and safety.

Delegation of Responsibility

To the extent permitted by law, the Executive Director may delegate responsibility to other employees of the ESC but shall remain accountable to the Board for the performance of all responsibilities, delegated or otherwise.

Education Service Center, Region 2



DATE ISSUED: 7/9/2020