Accounting records shall accurately reflect that no state or federal funds were used to reimburse travel expenses beyond those authorized for state employees.

The ESC shall use the state travel reimbursement rates as set forth in the current state appropriations act.

Documentation Required

For any authorized expense incurred, a Board member or employee shall submit a statement, with original receipts to the extent feasible, documenting actual expenses and in accordance with administrative procedures. The receipts shall serve as backup documentation for auditing purposes.

Board Member Travel

Board members shall be reimbursed for reasonable, allowable expenses incurred in carrying out Board business at the Board's request and for reasonable, allowable expenses incurred while attending meetings and conventions as official representatives of the Board.

Budgeted Amount

An amount for Board member travel expense reimbursement shall be approved in the budget each year.

According to the applicable laws, as stated in the Texas Constitution, the following guidelines for travel expense reimbursement for Board members shall be followed:

Board members shall be reimbursed for all normal and reasonable travel expenses, as limited by law. Appropriate documentation on the ESC Travel Authorization/Reimbursement Voucher form shall be provided.

Board members shall not receive cash travel advances.

The following reimbursement procedures shall apply in reference to expenses incurred by Board members on official ESC business:

Lodging shall be booked by the ESC, and hotel bills not prepaid by the ESC shall be reimbursed to the Board member based on the hotel conference block rates.

Airline tickets at coach fare shall be reimbursed by the ESC.

Actual expenses for meals when receipts are presented shall be reimbursed at the rate not to exceed the cap for key officials recommended by the general services administration or the state comptroller. When receipts are not submitted, the Board member shall be reimbursed for meals at the per diem rates as approved by the general services administration for both in-state and out-of-state meal reimbursement.

Authorized travel by automobile shall be paid at the IRS-approved rate. If receipts are presented, actual cost of taxis and other necessary expenditures shall be made.

Actual rental car expenses shall be reimbursed if receipts are provided.

Incidental tips shall be reimbursed up to $20 per day.

Fees for parking shall be reimbursed.

Employee Travel

Prior written approval for all travel by an ESC employee shall be obtained from the employee's immediate supervisor before any expenses are incurred.

An employee shall be reimbursed for reasonable, allowable expenditures incurred in carrying out ESC business in accordance with legal requirements.

Education Service Center, Region 2


LDU 2014.03

DATE ISSUED: 10/27/2014