Note: For additional legal requirements applicable to purchases with federal funds, see CBB.

  1. Selecting a contracting method;
  2. Giving public notice of the project;
  3. Publishing contract selection criteria;
  4. Making evaluations public after the contract is awarded; and
  5. Providing for inspection, verification, and testing necessary for acceptance of the facility by the ESC.

Education Code 44.031(g); Gov't Code 2269.052, .055, .056(a), (c), .058, .251(c)

Architect / Engineer

Gov't Code 2269.252(b), (c)

Selection Process

  1. A statement as to whether the selection process is a one-step or two-step process;
  2. General information on the project site, project scope, schedule, selection criteria and the weighted value for each criterion, and estimated budget and the time and place for receipt of the proposals or qualifications; and
  3. Other information that may assist an ESC in its selection of a construction manager-at-risk.

Gov't Code 2269.253(a)–(e)

Opening and Evaluating Proposals


Notice of Rankings

Trade Contractors / Subcontractors

  1. The construction manager-at-risk submits its bid or proposal for those portions of the work in the same manner as all other trade contractors or subcontractors; and
  2. The ESC determines that the construction manager-at-risk's bid or proposal provides the best value for the ESC.

Gov't Code 2269.255

Bids or Proposals


Payment and Performance Bond Amounts

Education Service Center, Region 2



DATE ISSUED: 5/20/2019