1. Assist school districts in improving student performance in each region of the system;
  2. Enable school districts to operate more efficiently and economically; and
  3. Implement initiatives assigned by the legislature or the Commissioner. [See also AE]

Education Code 8.002


  1. Use state funds distributed to the ESC [see CBA] to develop, maintain, and deliver services to improve student and school district performance.
  2. Provide services that enable school districts to operate more efficiently and economically.
  3. Maintain core services for purchase by school districts and campuses. The core services are:
    1. Training and assistance in teaching each subject area assessed under Education Code 39.023 (state assessments);
    2. Training and assistance in providing instruction in personal financial literacy as required under Education Code 28.0021;
    3. Training and assistance in providing a gifted and talented program and each program that qualifies for a funding allotment under Education Code 48.102 (special education), 48.104 (compensatory education), or 48.105 (bilingual education);
    4. Assistance specifically designed for a district or campus assigned an unacceptable performance rating under Education Code 39.054;
    5. Training and assistance to teachers, administrators, members of school district boards of trustees, and members of site-based decision-making committees;
    6. Assistance specifically designed for a school district that is considered out of compliance with state or federal special education requirements, based on TEA's most recent compliance review of the district's special education programs; and
    7. Assistance in complying with state laws and rules.

Education Code 8.051(a), (c)–(d)

Shared Services Arrangements

Education Code 11.003(b), (c)

Special Education Programs

Dyslexia Specialist

Required School Board Training

Appraisal Training



19 TAC 150.1008

Instructional Lesson Development

Region 5 Education Service Center



DATE ISSUED: 7/6/2020